VOTE - Replace motor for air compressor $600

This is vote to approve spending ~$600 for a new 5HP motor for the main air compressor. The current one is dead (pulling 20amps with no load). The consensus from the electric motor repair shops is that is usually better to replace the motor on ones this size.
We have found replacements online in the $400 to $550 range that don’t look like junk (there are a lot of super sketchy ones out there). Lots of discussion in Slack in the Operations channel. I’ll shop around and hopefully get the best value.
Happy to talk more about it.
We are using a much smaller compressor to keep things working but it doesn’t have the power to drive the bead blasting booth or any air tools for any substantial time. So we are not dead in the water.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I vote YES

Vote YES

I vote yes

I vote yes

Wonder if there is any kind of “core charge” we could get for the old motor?

Yes, we need this. Thanks Brad.

I vote yes.

That makes a minimum of 3 / 5 board members voting yes for it, so I think it is reasonable to go ahead and purchase the motor ASAP. If we want to wait the full time period for the membership vote before reimbursement I’m fine with paying for it myself in the meantime.

I also vote Yes.

I vote YES.
I discussed this with Jim Monday and we both agreed that this kind of thing is happening often enough that we need a budget for this kind of thing. Of $1,000 for repairs but ONLY on repairs. For now lets just get the motor and get this done.
While you should hear it from him, Jim does support this.

I vote yes. Can’t use a machine if it isn’t working! (Such profound wisdom!)

I vote yes

Yes from Phil