VOTE: Remove/Discard Power Tool Drag Racing and Trebuchet Equipment

I’d like to propose we retire and remove the old Power Tool Drag Racing and Trebuchet Equipment/projects from Hive13. These were both once very cool community projects, but have lived their life span and have become a burden to the current community.

I propose that Power Tool Drag Racing be allowed to have a curated display on one fo the walls in the front space with some pictures, one or two cool parts of the build, and some descriptions, but no more than can be hung on a ~3’-4’ section of wall and sticking out no more than 2’ from the wall. I welcome any member who was involved in the project to curate that display.

If this vote passes, I propose that any parts of the PTDR and trebuchet projects not in that display be removed by the space by September 13th.

We need the space currently occupied by the stuff for member project parking, active hive project storage, vertical long storage, and member storage.

Voting on this topic closes 2020-08-25.


Kevin M.

I’d check with Jim D. I seem to remember him wanting to possibly renew PTDR with his makerspace in Louisville. Perhaps they would like to take up the torch?

I believe Jim fabricated almost all the gear so he gets first right for anything.


Yes, if we vote to have it gone, Jim gets first dibs on all of it. We have spoken about it, and Jim has relayed that he is fine with us getting rid of the PTDR stuff if we decide it’s time.

forgot the remote voting reminder: please vote before next week’s meeting since counting votes on telecom is awful.

I vote yes to divest HIVE13 from these things. They were obviously very important and meaningful projects for those who were involved but I just can’t see our current membership picking this back up and making a thing out of it and storage of it is cumbersome at best, even with our new increased space.

Absolutely Jim would get first dibs on PTDR stuff if he wishes.

I vote YES.

If Jim does not want to take the setup to the other space I will help create a display.



I also vote YES


I vote yes.

I am also pretty sure I have some pictures of PTDR and I might have some picture frames I’m not using. (Speaking of which, anyone know where the framed pictures were that I put up in the old lounge in 2929?)

John O votes yes.


I vote YES.

Vote yes

voting on this ends tomorrow, please get your votes in if you wish to not abstain.

Yes vote from me.

I would like to snag some pieces for the house that Jim and the hive are not using for “display”. My wife and I had some awesome years with putting on ptdr all over the place. It would be cool to possibly do a ptdr 2.0 down the road that is less bulky / easier to transport for makerfaires whenever they get back going after the covid stuff.

Kevin Schuler


I vote yes

I vote YES.

I chatted with Brad about this last night. I’m not lobbying either LVL1 or Synergy Mill to take on the PTDR. We’d intended a Hive PTDR memorial display back at 2929SG and as Kevin now proposed allowing at 2701SG. I’ll start with Brad and the old gang on curating it for 2701SG. Let us know possible locations? I’m thinking I can get back to Louisville (and then up to Cincinnati for at least a day or so) in the next week or two.


This vote has passed