Vote: Purchase of Hive13 owned 3d printers

The Hive has a serious lack of Hive13 owned and operational printers. I feel this should change, I am putting 3 Votes up to get operational Hive13 owned Printers (links at end of post):

Vote 1: $1400 for Purchasing a Creality CR-10-S 500 And modifications

its a 500mm x 500mm x 500mm print volume (around 4 inches smaller than the gigabot’s 2ftx2ftx2ft), filament sensor dual lead screws and more. Its all the rave right now in the 3d printing community.
These printers while they can work out of the box can use some modifications to help get them above and beyond.
One specifically: an auto leveling sensor out there that is specifically designed for the CR10S, the Ezabl
This would be a great addition to the hive for its size reliability and overall ease of use.

Vote 2: $1700 for two Original Prusa Mk3 Printer Kits. This covers both printers shipping and any customs. (to avoid the custom fees, we should be able to order them separately.)
These are probably one of the most reliable printers on the market right now, the features make printing a breeze.

Vote 3: Only if Vote 2 fails: $850 for 1 Original Prusa Mk3 Printer Kit. This Covers the printer and shipping.

To give time for discussion, I am putting this up to vote at the 12/19/17

Every time I have needed it we have had at least one functional printer. Moreover, the printers we have, even while functional, seem to be idle most of the time so I’m really not sure we have need for more printing capacity. It seems to me that the thing we might not have enough of are people that have that magical combination of the time, energy and knowledge required to maintain the printers we have. If we have such people, we do not need new printers. If we do not have such people, any new printers purchased will rapidly fall into a state of disrepair anyway. 3D printers are not generally devices that continue functioning without regular upkeep, particularly those shared between a group of people, so purchasing new ones to solve this problem seems like a losing battle. I’m afraid my vote will be a No on all three.

Ian B.

As far as I know the only really operational printer is the modified UM2, and as stated by others its not the Hive’s. These three printers are easy to maintain, unlike the gigabot and UM2, I can and am willing to maintain them as needed.

As things sit right now I am up for picking up an extra printer for the hive however getting a status report as well as seeing our options for fixing/upgrading current printers at the hive. Given the time of year it is and a lot of people being buried with family plans and travel plans for the holidays, (Daniel) do you think the vote would be better off and more informed if we held off till January? That would also give the hive a chance to reach out as a non profit and see what they can do or throw in along with a printer. It seems that the market still is not hitting a slump at all and printers being sold for home use are going strong. Things as small as 10 to 15% off, free shipping, or consumables add up extremely fast and any little bit we can get for free or an upgrade is always a plus. We could be catching them at the end of the year where they have enough in the budget that they did not donate to be very generous as well as being one of the first people to hit them up for the new year. Getting an extra printer is something I will vote for 100% and I think many will, however being able to have a well rounded discussion on if the gigabot is done for or has someone updated things on it and we only need a few little things to bring it back to life. The CR-10-S 500 could be a great replacement to the gigabot if there is no hope for it however letting a few people get their hands on it would say my vote especially on do we need a small printer or a large printer. Also then comes the printer kit like the one tiff just had, lol if they had an auction for a quantity of them I would love to get a handful of them to have a build party and even have some cheaper Hive owned ones from the build party. That way we would have a handful of people that could jump in on maintenance and made me day dream about family of delta printers that Bill and a few others started getting parts for lol.

While getting 2 mk3 printers would be cool… I see a whole mountain of people learning how these work inside and out rather than just selecting a slicing profile and hit print. Right now I know 3d printers at the hive only have a few people that truly know the ins and outs especially if one really lets the magic smoke out. I wonder if getting a few clone kits via members forming a build party and purchasing their own and then the hive getting say 2 or 3… There would be so much support for when something happens on those printers it would be insane lol. If we hit up a company that does good clones I would pick one up to do the build party as I am going to be helping homeschool my nephew and want to get one for at his house. I guess it would all come down to the numbers again and who has a need for what. We may get bills of health on the printers in time for the 12/19 date and I could be way wrong about needing the extra time. Just figured I would share my 2 cents lol as insomnia has been kicking my butt.

  • I would not count out the Ultimaker just because it is not hive owned as it has been stated many times what the intentions are from the source. It has been there all of this time running perfect without issue and the only time it was down and KO’d was when it got burnt up during some really high heat and ultra fine layers. After some new electronics and some well thought out mods, that thing has ran smoooothhhhh. I do not see that printer leaving the hive unless something really crazy happens… but after watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a few times as well as Die Hard… Anything is possible over Christmas. Let’s keep the hive safe, friendly, and reject any applicants named Hans Gruber… He is a real dick.

From the aspect of a 501c3, (and my 5 years at the irs) we may be able to goto a local shop for a dontation. End of the year tax right off and all. but not for these two printers, Prusa is Europe and Crealoty is Chinese based.

While the clone army sounds like an awesome idea, they are known to burn out and have long term issues.

Regarding the UM2 the mods have made it really unfriendly for a new user. And i was looking at something the hive can call it’s own. Even the gigabit became a debate when we were given the option of return it or buy it from RE3d (i believe)

Most votes gives us 6 months to “spend the money” and I’d be happy to contact my sources to see if we can work out a discount. I do know Creality has offered me a wholesale discount for bulk orders.

Regarding building, the Prusa and Cr10 are both kits. my prusa mk2s kit and ft5 kit is what helped with learning printers alot.

It’s 3months.

Also, I agree with the No vote. We have the polar3d, the UM, and the gigagot and Everytime I’m in there they are sitting idle. there is no reason to get another printer that is going to sit idly on the shelf.

Especially another large one like the gigabot.

I agree with what Ian said. I vote no on all three.

We do have a surplus of printers and I got to say mainly for the member base if a build party was started of good clones at a bulk price outside of hive funds it would be a yes after talking with the wife. She even found mini laser engravers that ryan showed me as well as cnc engravers that are mini and would help our “arts and craft time” i am gping to stay with a no on the 3 until until word that the gigabot is non serviceable.

I really want to see the hive have build parties for some of these fun Mini CNC kits, printer kits… and even get the vacuum former going when my silicone sheet and goodies arive from alliexpress.

On a side note if something ever happened thst made him say screw it , its not worth it and remove the ultimaker due to conflict. I would bring mine down that could fill in untill something was figured out. I think sometimes we all lose track of the fact we are a community to help ourselves… however that badic start of we are a community that always finds a way to help one another more so. What i have learned from other members i sre extremely greatful for and the time they put into things has bee a godsend.

Happy hiving these holidays! We really should start a holidays card for the group!!! I am game if anyone !!!

I feel what we have isnt used regularly is because A) its hard to use or B) it doesnt work.
We already have the gigabot which needs more work than it has up time, then the polar3d, last time i heard didnt work well. The Ultimaker, well its not ours, the interface updates make it harder to use, and its modified with no easily accessable documentation on what was done, so only a few can work on it.
The Cheep kits like the $100 dollar one are great for short term use but does normally have cheep electronics and parts that burn out quickly.

As for the Polar 3D printer, the last time it was actually used was by Tiffany more than a year ago. I see several prints that were successfully done on it, including the last one, however it was just stopped being used. I see no evidence anywhere that it was bad at the time… in fact, the very last message the printer reported was a “Job Completed” message with a snapshot of it and the timelapse video.

Perhaps it just needs to be re set back up.

As for the Gigabot… it definitely needs build plate fixes… it’s just someone needs to take the time to fix it !

The Ultimaker is a fantastic machine and I see no reason for purchasing another machine if it works just fine. It’s very rarely used, and spending more money on another printer that won’t be used any more doesn’t make any sense to me.

(I vote “No”, therefore!)


Epoxy Granite? Then mill the base flat? I think for machines, they are suggsting a two inch thick section, but in this application I think one would suffice. More dampening than cast iron… easier to pour too :slight_smile:

Orrrrr go to a granite countertop maker an see if we can beg/buy a two foot section of countertop? The stuff seems to be milled pretty flat. I used to raid the scrap dump of a place that made them.

A two foot section might come as an endcut… it would probably too small for their use.
It will also be ungodly HEAVY.
Will the motors be able to handle it?


I am revoking these Votes for the time being.