VOTE proposed - Router bit set $150

I was helping one of the new members do some wood working and I realized that we need a set of nice router bits.

I found a good set on Amazon for ~$130.

While not Whiteside (which are the “fancy” bits), Yonico are well respected. This set is 1/2" shank and has over 70 different bits.

Looks like a great set!

Another item to consider: do we actually have the correct collets for the routers we have? I know the 1/4" shank collet fits the router currently mounted in the table. There are loose 1/4" and 1/2" collets under the router table, but I do not think either of them fit the router that is under there with them (may fit the one in the table, didn’t check).

The small trim router under the table only accepts 1/4" bits, so may be worth getting a set of trim bits as well.


Kevin McLeod

good catch. I think we could get the right collets with remaining money or the warden budget.

I cannot attend the meeting today (in person or via web), but I would like my vote on this to be a yes.


Kevin McLeod

I vote yes