VOTE: Programable Ramp/Soak Temperature Controller for Donated Kiln

We recently had a mid-sized (6.5" tall, 12.5" wide, 10" deep chamber), high temperature kiln donated to the hot crafts area. It’s an old Thermolyne E6000 series kiln that has been rebuilt in the past with Fiberboard insulation instead of the original cast baffle. I have replaced the power plug on it, fixed the power cable gland so that the strain relief works, and I have tested it to its maximum temperature of 2012F (1100C). It appears to be in perfect working order!

The one problem though, is that it currently only has a set-point style temperature controller, which limits its usefulness to things like enameling or metal melting, where controlled ramp rates and multiple-step firings are not required. It currently cannot be used for things like glass annealing, glass fusing and slumping, ceramics, or wax burnout.

I’d like to propose a budget of $300 to upgrade this kiln to a Programmable Ramp/Soak Temperature Controller so that it can be used for all of our hot crafts area activities.

The same controller we have on our small Paragon SC2 kiln is available as an OEM replacement from Orton (Autofire Express 4X OEM) for $218.00. I’d like to get this controller and the wiring harness for it ($7.50). The total cost should be $225.50 + shipping and tax, but I’d like to set the budget at $300 in case there are additional components I find need to be replaced once I get into it (door switch, relays, thermocouple, etc.).


Kevin McLeod
Hot Crafts Warden


Oh, I also vote yes, in case that was in question, haha

I believe this vote closes tonight.



I vote yes.

I vote yes!

I vote Yes.

YES is my vote.

I vote yes


This vote has passed unanimously.

Great! I’ll get this ordered, hopefully it’ll ship quick and I can get it installed sometime next week.

The new kiln controller came today, would anyone be interested in being involved in the install to learn more about how kilns are wired?