VOTE: Powermatic 3250A Lathe and VFD to Connect the Delta Band Saw

Here is the $3000 Budget Proposed to Purchase the Powermatic 3520A Lathe from Will’s Uncle for $2000. The lathe is a beast, and the purchase includes both tools and turning stock.

In addition to the lathe, the vote includes material to install the Delta Band Saw loaned by Sean P. with a couple of extra blades included. The primary purpose of the bandsaw would be resawing lumber.

I’m pledging a personal contribution of $350 toward this project, bringing the total cost to Hive13 down to $2650.

As to footprint, the New Powermatic Lathe and the old Delta lathe would turn 90 degrees to the wall and stand back to back along the north woodshop wall. Adjacent to the lathes a tool sharpening grinder would be mounted on a metal stand to be built from scrap.

The Band Saw would land near where the drill press now stands. Hooking up to dust collection is part of the band saw installation.

A feed table and resaw guide would be future enhancements for the Band Saw, but not included in this vote.

yes. Adding both of these would give us a lot of additional capability.

I’m also a yes

Yes. The Hive is at its best when we have quality tools that members want to use, and both of these tools will be valuable additions to the woodshop.

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I vote yes.
I almost certainly will not use it - but respect the research put into it and the excitement of other members

I vote “yes”.

Yes from Phil

Even if you are a beginning wood worker, You will probably want to support the vote for the Powermatic 3250A Lathe and VFD to Connect the Delta Band Why?

  1. The Lathe and tooling and raw wood that comes with it will make it possible to turn bowls and other objects larger than the 12" maximum that we have now.
    Anyone making replacement column pedestals for their house would benefit too.
  2. The power supply for the Delta band saw will make it possible to resaw hardwood lumber and cut shapes up to 11.5 inches thick. The saw has a three phase motor and the VFD will allow us to run the saw from our current 220v power wiring.

What’s that you say? I don’t know how to do any of this? Just ask. I/We can teach you how.

I vote yes.

I vote yes.

Let the shelf wood resaw hilarity begin.

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes.

this vote has passed