Vote: Pallet Racks

Hi everyone,

On tuesday Ian and I brought up that we would like to purchase some more pallet racks for the space. These racks would go along the back wall in the woodworking area where the chalkboard is currently.

We have started to run out of space to store lots of the bits and pieces around the space (we don’t have any non-used areas any more) so this would definitely help alleviate that. We will be using this as vertical storage for wood (e.g. ), some member storage, and general storage among other things.

We are estimating a maximum cost of $700 for all of the materials needed.

If you can’t make it to the meeting this Tuesday to vote on this send me an email and I will send you a link to vote.


Vote yes. I can put you in touch with the dude I bought my stuff from. He may even be willing to donate some stuff.



I am not there tonight but I also vote yes

Thanks everyone! The vote passed so hopefully in the next few weeks I will go get some pallet racks!