Vote or Warden Budget? We really really need to start getting sheet metal supplies

I am typing this with a cut finger tip. Yes, sheet metal, so much more likely to get “paper cuts” if you don’t have the right tools…

#1 We need a pneumatic nibbler,

#2 Do we want a pneumatic shear as well for straight cuts?

#3 Real tin snips. American made tin snips aren’t too expensive and we don’t even have a full set of cheap dull snips (I think we only have a left hand).

#4 Jeweler’s saw / coping saw blades.

#5 Chassis punches. We have 1 or 2, but odd sizes. May need a couple more.

I’m going to start with this basic, I can’t believe we don’t have this list. Let’s pre-empt discussion of brakes, rolls, presses, shears (big ones) for now (those are big).

In order to do simple cut electrical panels, LCD bezels, gizmos, and project boxes, and similar we need cutting tools.

I’m happy with just the nibbler and can throw it in warden budget. However, we might as well open the discussion and decide whether we want to expand this to a small budget vote.


My suggestion would be to do a metalworking supplies budget vote. Throw those items on there as well as a nice set of green lee punches (needed for electrical boxes etc) and whatever else we brainstorm up here on the list. But rather than throw it on the warden budget over the next several months, get it done in one fell swoop.

I agree. Let’s get a list and get a budget.

duct crimper, hand break 18"

Oh, and i found and entire bucket of files, right next to the NIB grinder.

When I did my halloween pumpkin I used a both a Harbor Freight nibbler, shear, and cuttoff wheel. They all work well enough. I think the shears would be more useful that the nibbler if we need to prioritize. The nibbler is slower, louder, and messier. Do we even have a cut off wheel down there?

For those that don’t know, a nibbler is basically a super pissed off full auto metal hole punch. It flings the stupid metal punchouts EVERYWHERE, and leaves an edge you have to clean up with another tool. They are handy for some cuts, but I think we’d get more mileage from the shear and cutoff.

Unless we are flush with cash, in which case; can we add a roller and english wheel to that list?

Or we could get a plasma cutter that would let us cut anything.

Just though.

Agreed, but a nibbler is a must when cutting tight curves, or any inside cutouts. A sheer cuts straight, and has some limited ability at curves. Frankly, both are needed, but I need a nibbler more, as I need to make cut outs and curves a lot for bezels. The HF is okay, but for a little more, folks say that the grizzly is the way to go.

Will, I’m talking thin sheet metal here, 20ga, ornamental, duct, etc. Over 16ga, knock yourself out with plasma…

Andrew, we have a hand break around. Someone disassembled it a long time ago, but I’ve found the pieces and used it from time to time. It’s not bad. A few fasteners are missing, so I end up using C clamps and whatever on a temp basis.

I’ll dig it out. We shouldn’t need to buy one. It’s not too shabby.

Will - I know of people who have been looking at getting a combined Tig/plasma cutter after the first if the year possibly. Or getting each one separately. I forget which it was. Kevin s comes to mind as the person to email about the plasma cutter.

Get good scrub.

Dave won one in an auction, not sure if he’s going to sell/donate, or keep it for his personal use.

Lorin, actually we appear to have two, a box break, and a larger 30" metal break.

Andrew - Dave decided to keep it elsewhere as its much too large to keep at the hive.

I am in favor of electric nibblers and shears huge and small electric body work saws (tiny sawzall) has worked great for trimming out inner pieces that need to be removed. One of the companies I am hitting hard for donations come the first of the year is eastwood automotive and restoration. They have tig and every metal working component we could dream of at the hive. If anyone is up for compiling a list of things that I think should be on our hit list I will get a thread going or would love to have a meeting.

Given not only the tax break but advertising through tool racing which is a huge draw at the maker faires. I have a hit list including big corps including summit racing, hobart, and jegs that have ohio roots. Any huge brakes and shears should be held off on in my opinion until we get a different 1 story building with concrete floors hopefully :slight_smile: lol.

For anyone needing the larger equipment perhaps I can try to workout something with the cincinnati state campus in Harrison at the airport. There are some great people out there and are very outgoing people.

Andrew: the thing was 3 phase only and was about 6x larger than our current MIG welder. In the interest of not cluttering the space with big ass shit that can’t be used, it’s elsewhere. Ooops. Note to self: do not rely on pictures for scale.