Vote: Monthly budget for web hosting

Hello all,

I mentioned this at the previous meeting and was supposed to send out an
email then, but the week kinda got away from me so we'll have to vote on
it at the next meeting.

I am proposing adding our DigitalOcean hosting costs to our regular
monthly expenses (i.e. Rent, Internet, etc). We originally voted in a
large lump sum to provide for the cost of hosting for a couple of years.
This was based on the idea that we might end up switching hosting
services, needing to try out different server sizes, etc. I think we are
past the point now where we are "trying out" DigitalOcean, so rather
than re-voting in that lump sum every few years I think we should simply
treat it as we do any of our other monthly bills. Our current cost per
month is $6.07. This consists of $5 for a 1 cpu/512mb memory virtual
server (more than enough for a relatively static website like ours), $1
for automatic backups, $0.07 for snapshot disk usage (this last amount
will vary, but not by much). My proposal is to authorize a monthly
budget for web hosting, not to exceed $15 per month. This amount would
be enough to double the power of our current server, or spin up a second
one, should the need arise.

TL;DR - Monthly budget for web hosting, not to exceed $15 per month.


Ian B.

P.S. I will not be able to make it to the meeting tonight.

I vote yes, this is pretty much a service/utility, and should be treated as such…