Vote: Low Wall for Kitchen Booths

I’d like to propose we get the rest of the Restaurant booths mounted. To do that in the location(s) that have been discussed, we will need to build a low (waist height) wall between two of the columns next to the kitchen (see attached drawing). The wall will be 2" x 6" wood stud construction to bear the load of the cantilevered tables, and will be anchored into the building with wedge anchors.

I propose a $400 budget for this, based on this bill of materials:

I have additionally included 2 sheets of MDF for the top of the new worktable that’s in the front general work area.


Kevin M.
Hot Crafts Warden

I forgot to mention, we have some 2 x 6 salvage lumber in the dungeon, I will plan to use as much of that as possible to reduce the end cost, but the budget includes the full quantity in case that salvage is in worse shape than I thought.

And in the floorplan picture, the two wide rectangles next to column C5 would be the booths. the small rectangle is either trash cans or a cabinet or something (I was brainstorming and didn’t delete it).

I think this is a little premature because while you proposed a phased kitchen design, it hasn’t been fully discussed. Perhaps cleaning, refurbishing the vinyl covering and mounting the table tops on legs instead of a wall mount would be a more flexible and open design.

Second point, we need enough of those salvaged 2x6’s to complete the frames of the remaining open doorways in; welding, paint booth, lounge, meeting room and 2nd restroom.
Dave Velzy

This and the phase 1 part of the design are the same in all the designs that have been discussed extensively in the Kitchen buildout channel.

I vote no on the $400 for a wall.

We should be testing and putting together the kitchen layout before building this wall.

I’ve personally brought in a couple of tables on loan that are in use with booths now, and will bring a couple more to make the rest functional.

vote postponed till next week.