VOTE: Large Project Storage Rentals

This vote is as much for support of the idea as it is for the actual purchase.

I propose we designate two areas in the currently open main area of the hive as Large Project Storage, as shown in the attached floor plan.

My thought is that the spaces would each be 9’ x 9’ and could be rented by members for storage/build of larger projects.

I propose a rate schedule of $9/week (~$40 per month) to reserve the spaces. The purpose of the fee would not be for Hive13 to make money, but to ensure two members don’t just squat on the spaces preventing others from getting a chance to use them.

For events and community projects we can hold the spaces reserved for Hive13 use, that way we still have the benefits of the open room.

To mark these designated areas, I propose we purchase this set of plastic chain barriers for $200:

we may need one additional stretch of chain to divide the two sections, extra chain should be on the order of $1-$2 per foot, so I’ll put the vote total at $250 to account for that and any shipping/taxes.


Kevin M.

(vote to occur 11/06/2018 to allow for the minimum 1 week discussion time)

HiveLayoutCurrent_WithStorageSpaces.pdf (60.3 KB)

I feel the squating issue can be handled via an area warden or officer without becoming an issue. A large project space would be nice, but I dont charging for it as a way to ensure no squatting doesn’t happen is the way to go. At this time my vote for its current wording is no.

Daniel, you should go buy a lottery ticket today. :slight_smile:

I agree with you. As it is currently written, I vote no.

-Dave B.

Oh my Dave B agreeing with me! The world is ending! (Joking man)

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I vote no.

So for the votes of "No" for as currently worded, do you object to the concept entirely, or just charging for it? What would be your alternative vision? Maybe just a lower fee? Or do you see such an accommodation as one Hive13 doesn't need?

This type of thing is pretty common at makerspaces with more space, seems to me something that would benefit the membership.

While this is an interesting proposal, I’ll vote No.
The open space begs for a plan. Not just for the space, but for HIVE13.

Looking at the Wish List makes me think we need at least another 5000 square feet to handle all of the desired items.

We need a plan first.


I at least will say I find the idea interesting. For me, physically larger projects tend to also be projects that drag on longer so I’d be hesitant to use that kind of storage. Also because larger also means more difficult to move to and from the hive. So I’m not the target user but maybe others would be…

But regardless, Kevin thank you for coming up with new ideas. Keep at it.


After my trip to the hive today my thoughts: I like the idea of a large storage spaces, I have at least 3 large costumes a large multiplayer bridge simulator that would be great to work on at the hive. (Currently I dont because transport back and forth isnt reasonable.
But a few concerns I have right now:
1 think for Large storage spaces we need a large project space. Where the lay out currently puts the storage spaces, that ruins the large work area. or even use for our wishlist items or general expansion of our tools.
2 I think 2 large storage spaces isnt enough, especially how its situated… 2 may be a good proof of concept, but we really arent in a big enough space to add this kind of storage without annexing another area…
3 I think the cost isnt something that should be associated with it when there is that much of a limited space. It will become a situation where the people with disposable income (or paid commissions) will use this and everyone else will be stuck with big projects not at the hive. Big Projects (like Coy’s wooden wine Safes or a Large costume project) look really cool. I would go in just to see what progress Coy has made even when I didnt have many things to do there… I believe we want to attract large projects, no matter if someone can afford an additional ~$40 a month. Once a proof of concept has been established and we see a heavy demand, we may want to rethink an idea of paid spaces and open spaces (First Come First Serve idea)

I am with Mike, thanks for coming up with new ideas, and we need to stick with this idea, just not in its current implementation. Possibly having communication on the board with ideas of implementing and where to put it etc…

TL;DR: I like the idea, but i think this implementation does not work. 3 reasons: Better use of that space; not enough storage spaces & having a fee at this stage.


While we are on the subject of project space rental, it should be noted that the current HIVE13 cost per square foot is $1400 / 3500 sqft = $0.40 /sq ft
A 9 x 9 = 81 sq ft space should rent for at least $32.40 which does not consider insurance, security, or any other consideration like convenience.

Having sufficient space to make renting it out to members is an entirely different discussion.
To be clear, industrial space such as ours is currently renting for between $1.50 to $5.00 / sq ft per year or $0.125 to $0.42 per month
Add to this a reasonable cost for HVAC, lights, security and you can see the current HIVE13 cost is in the ball park. Not at all below market.

The way that Idea Foundry in Columbus spun this - at least circa 2011 when Hive13 visited there - was along the lines of renting people similarly-sized spaces not so much as “storage”, but as dedicated, sectioned-off areas where people who had more commercial aims could show off projects they were aiming to sell.

I object to the concept entirely, and this idea specifically, the way the Hive is now.

First of all, we just don’t have enough space to burn up 160 sq. ft., over 10% of our total square footage, on member storage. Second, I think having two cordoned off sections of floorspace with movie theater chains for whatever a member wishes to put in it would look tacky in the extreme and not give a positive first impression to first-time visitors. Third, I think $40/mo. isn’t enough to prevent people from renting the space long-term to store a project they intend to work on but never end up doing.

As another point to consider: Rental of space for storage is governed under Ohio Law.
Storage Space Sales Tax

codes.ohio orc/5741

Exemptions from this statute take HIVE13 into tenant landlord law.
Co-working space is governed under a mix of landlord tenant and hotel law.

This area requires serious discussion prior to the rental of space for coworking, offices or storage.

So at this time under these circumstances, Vote NO.

I would rather see an area for fiber arts/sewing or other interests… I think there was talk of moving the lathe out of the dirty room? That is going to take up space.

I really don’t want to see our new ‘free area’ soaked up by the expansion of all the other areas into it instead of creating new things.


In light of Dave’s point about Rental Space Taxes, I would like to withdraw this vote. While I am skeptical we would really fall under that law, as we could simply call it a “large project working space” rather than “storage,” I’m not a lawyer and don’t want to get dragged into such a debate.

I have drawings together of the space as is and with some additional possible arrangements to allow the space to be used for more. I’ll start another thread with them.