VOTE: Kitchen and laundry infrastructure - $1,500

This vote is primarily for electrical infrastructure for the Kitchen and Laundry equipment. There is also likely to be a little plumbing and ventilation needed for the laundry equipment.

Kitchen area - $1,000

$250 for subpanel and wiring

$250 for 2 cord reels and associated wiring

$250 as yet undetermined additional kitchen wiring

$250 miscellaneous electrical supplies as needed

Laundry equipment - $500

Roughly $250 for the dryer. It requires extra heavy cable.

The other $250 is for the wiring for the washer and whatever plumbing and exhaust is needed.


Electrical supplies have doubled and in some cases tripled in cost since the move-in build out.

We have been relying on the stockpile of electrical supplies left over for the original build out. They are running out and they are having to be replaced as we continue to do electrical work.

Previous conversations about the subpanel have not recognised that we needed 3 additional slots in the panel for the laundry equipment. Essentially the current panel is already full without the laundry wiring.

Saturday Dave Velzy and I did most of the wiring for the new tools in the woodshop. Dave had allocated $150 for the wiring. That sounded more than sufficient to me, until I went out and actually picked up what was needed. It ended up at just over $250. Partially because stuff has gone up so much but also I forgot how much all the stupid little things do actually add up.

I’ve tried to aim a little on the high side so as not to end up over budget. Just because we vote for it doesn’t mean that we have to spend it if we don’t need to.

Questions welcome.

I vote yes.

This seems a no-brainer for all the work that’s been going on in the kitchen, and as you mentioned, if it ends up being less than the amount, we’ll just put that back in Hive funds.

Thanks for putting in the work!

I vote Yes c

I of course vote YES.

Looks great—yes from me.

I vote yes

Yes for me

I vote yes

Absolutely yes, thanks so much for taking on this long discussed task when no one else was! I think having the washer and dryer hooked up will be an EXCELLENT addition to the hive

Definitely YES!

Reminder! This closes at tonight’s meeting and needs 10 yes votes to pass

I vote yes.

Yes .


Thanks Paul for all you are doing (and everyone else that is helping).

I vote yes.

Yes from Phil

I vote yes

This vote passed!