VOTE: Jewelry Bench Tools and Equipment

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!

Next week will mark the 1 year anniversary of when a group of us decided to kick off Hive13’s jewelry making capabilities with the donation of our Jewelry Casting equipment! In that year, the Jewelry bench in hot crafts has grown and improved with a great assortment of hand tools, a flex shaft and all sorts of accessories, enameling supplies, a rolling mill, soldering equipment, vices and anvils, etc.; almost all of which have been provided as donations or loans from individual members who wanted to help make the place awesome! The area has grown to be quite usable and we have had lots of members making really cool pieces!

While the jewelry bench has been growing quite nicely and has come a long way from nothing over the last year, there has been discussion in the #jewelry_and_metalsmithing channel on slack about what gaps we still have in our tools and equipment. We have come up with a list of items that would help to really fill out the capabilities of the area and make it so we can make even cooler stuff. The list includes a pretty wide range of tools, everything from better wax working tools for preparing models for casting, to lights and magnifiers, to additional torch safety glasses for teaching classes, to hand tools like scribes and mandrels and hammers.

The list of tools and equipment comes to $1261.78, so to account for shipping and such, I propose a $1400 budget for these improvements to the jewelry bench’s tool selection. Again, the full list of tools and equipment we are looking to buy can be found here. This vote should close at the January 4th, 2022 weekly meeting.


Kevin M.
Hot Crafts Warden


I vote yes!

I vote YES. Love new/improved capabilities. :grin:

I vote yes

Reminder: This vote is scheduled to close at tomorrow’s meeting. If you wish to vote and will not be at the meeting tomorrow, remember to vote here before the meeting!


I vote YES.


I vote yes!

I suppose I should explicitly state that I myself vote yes.

I vote yes

John O votes yes.

Record my vote as: Yes.

This vote has passes.

It’s also passed.

Great, I’ll get stuff ordered!