VOTE hand tool purchase $150

I would like to get a complete socket set and various adapters and extensions for the main area.
Also like to get a nice (Whia) set of Phillips/Flat/Torx screw drivers for the electronics area.
Probably be less than $150 but like to have it just in case.


Should we include any needed materials that will be required to keep up the maintenance on the large laser, like dedicated gear that's only to be used on the laser? For cleaning mirrors, laser tube, etc?

Not sure if this would cross the departmental budget between the shop and laser or perhaps Lorin included this with the new tube proposal?

Any ways I vote yes.

I’ve started a list:

Socket set ($50):

Whia Phillips set ($17):

Whia Slotted set ($32):

Universal joints ($23):

Precision plier set ($17):

This is about $139, leaving some room for tax & stuff.