Vote for Metal Working Tubing and Bar Rollers - $3600

I’m proposing a full setup for bending metal tubes, rods and bars into rings and arcs. The current benders we have allow bending corners, but not something like a continuous arc. Creating smooth curves is a pretty basic forming ability that we entirely lack currently. This includes the roller, A harbor freight Pipe Threader used to power the roller, a collection of dies required for common sized stock, and a small manual ring roller for smaller work. The total budget for all the tools, bits and bobs, and material for building a storage rack is $3600. The totals and details are listed below.

Key Points
Manual Roller is specifically designed to be converted to a powered roller with the pipethreader.
Die collection allows rolling 1" and 2" Square and Round Tubing, Flat bar up to 1/2 thick either on the short side or the long side, and rods up to 1/2 think.
The Manual ring roller is used for smaller stock and down to a 3" diameter ring.

SWAG Tubing Roller ‘HULK’ $899.95
SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK' – SWAG Off Road
Edge Roller Die Small “Flat Bar Rolled The Hard Way” Works With
Material That Is 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" & 1/2" Thick and up to 2.5" Tall. $209.95
Flat Plate “Smooth” Dies Will Roll Flat Material Up To 3.0" Wide $209.95
Universal Small Round Tube Dies .50" .375" .3125" .250" $209.95
2.00" Square Dies $209.95
1.00" Square Dies $209.95
2.00" Round Pipe Dies $209.95
1.00" Round Pipe Dies $209.95
SWAG Machined Drive Hub $44.95

SUBTOTAL $2,414.55
tax $193.16
shipping $112.63
Total $2,720.34

Material for a die rack and mounting the roller Total $200.00

Harbor Frieght
Momentary Power Foot Switch $14.99
Corded 12 Amp Portable $219.99
Electric Pipe Threader

SUBTOTAL $234.98
tax $18.80
shipping -
Total $253.78

Baileigh R-M3 Roll Bender $259.00
R-M3 Manual Roll Bender | Steel Ring Roller | Baileigh Industrial

SUBTOTAL $259.00
tax $20.20
shipping $15.00
Total $294.20

Grand Total $3,468.32

I vote yes. I’ve had an idea for a curvy firewood rack in my head for a few years, maybe this being at the hive will actually get me to pull it from my brain into the real world.

Yes !

Just to be clear, I’m voting yes as well…

I vote yes contingent on the sickly green decals on The Hulk being covered with something more appealing, preferably in Pink.

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Yes from Phil!


Yes! This sounds cool!

I’m a yes on this, as I’ll make immediate use of the hulk to roll 1" diameter square tube.

From a few causal conversations at Hive13 last week, it sounded like there was intent to reduce the initial outlay by only purchasing dies with an immediate use case. I’m all for this, if that’s the direction.

I vote yes. The research has clearly been put in, there are multiple uses among multiple members that they seem excited about. This seems like a good tool to add to our arsenal

I vote yes. This sounds like useful addition to the metal workshop

I vote Yes.


Final totals:

12 yes, 3 abstain.

The results of this vote are held to the old standard for votes because it was in process when the new voting procedure was approved.

(this vote passed forgot to add lol)