Vote for Learn to Solder supplies

This is a vote for up to $500 to get the supplies for the upcoming Maker Fairs and outreach events.

It looks like we will need to get more of just about everything (magnets, battery holders, batteries, LEDs, boards, irons). I got some good leads on the parts. The unknown is the boards. Dave has been working with the supplier and 480 boards are supposed to be enroute (for free) but I haven’t gotten them or heard from anyone. So I don’t think we will use the whole $500 but I wanted a buffer in case we need to get more stuff.



I vote yes!!

I have a bag full of LEDs someplace in my electronics bin. Haven’t really done any projects in years with them so you all can have em.

Cool. Where is the bag?

I vote Yes

I vote Yes.
Thanks, Dave

It’s at my home in my personal stash. Have to peel away from business stuff and drop it off at the hive. There’s several different types and maybe one 7 segment led display.

No rush, the Maker Faire is Oct 7-8.

Thanks for your help.

The bag is in my personal stash here at the house. I just need to peel myself away from business duties and make it down that way.


Pretty darn certain we’ll get the boards. As far as I know, they have already been penalized and printed. I’ll get them.

I need to divert $30 or so from this vote to give the OSH park folks a couple bags of gourmet coffee (no, starbucks card will not work, they’re aficionados of fine micro-roasts). Okay?


No problem. :coffee:

just as a minor question. as far as I can recall, learn to solder has been pretty self sufficient - we had a separate fund for it. Is this still the case? have you checked that>?

I don’t know. I think PTDR had a separate account. I’ll check with Jim the money man.


Finally got a chance to come by and drop off my bag of stuff. Most of the LEDs are white with some odds and ends thrown in for parting out. If there is anything else specific that's needed I'll rummage through stuff.

I owe the hive some money from the collection jars in years past, that will make it more self sufficient.

The LEDs that we have used in the past are blinking LEDs that do multiple colors. Use white or other mono colors if you are desperate, but I would recommend getting the blinking ones for the wow factor with little solderers. The LEDs are one of the cheapest components of the kit, it’s the magnets that cost the most (ignoring the boards).

No sweat. Just got a bunch of boards for free so I think we are pretty good.



Hey, surgery went well and i moving… slowly but still moving lol. I will be down this week however cannot commit to a work time for the makerfaire yet given crazy swelling.

I vote yes for supplies! Also I do not know where mr. dave b was getting the really good deal on large rolls of solder however if we are ordering… I could use 1 or 2 for my rc winter prfojects and other fun stuff. If needed I can bring down my aouye station with the nice flexible iron leads to help out if needed/wanted over over the old irons. I slso have extra tips.

Thanks to everyone kicking butt and gettingnthe out reach and makerfaire stuff together. Seeing kids get way excited over science stuff is great to see! I plan on being at the meeting as long as im good to drive lol. Gotta be able to press firmly on the brakes, the gas goes to the floor easy enough :slight_smile:

No worries Kevin.
I actually forgot about the solder. :grinning:
I’ll check the supplies.
You probably shouldn’t be driving, maybe you can get a Lyft.


I did an inventory of the Learn to Solder (LTS) supplies last night:
Boards 825
LEDs 775
Battery Holders 700
Batteries 86
Magnets 330

So I would like to get the batteries and magnets up around the 750 number so we are kind of even.

I ordered one of the Weller medium duty irons for $17 and some extra tips or $22
I’ll test it out and see if it is much better than the elcheapo irons we were using.