Vote for first-trial Hive summer intern position for Hive student member Dustin Bruce

To the general membership:

Many may know that Hive student member Dustin Bruce is in the Pre-Business Administration degree program at Cincinnati State.

Several weeks ago Dustin approached the Hive leadership to inquire for a summer intern position at Hive13. Since we have not had such a position, in the time since, this has been a topic of discussion and investigation within the leadership. We see the win-win possibility of creating a first-trial, unpaid intern position that would help Dustin fulfill his school requirements and benefit the Hive as well. Dustin is agreeable to this opportunity.

This post is therefore to put this to the general membership at tonight’s meeting for vote of approval to proceed.

The parameters are as follows:

  • The position would be for a flexible 32-hours per week over a 14-week period, from Monday May 11 to Friday August 14.

  • To avoid employment insurance and Ohio workman’s comp issues, the position would be un-paid.

  • The candidate is Dustin Bruce to fulfill his Pre-Business Administration degree program obligations at Cincinnati State.

  • The school requires identification of a mentor for Dustin within the organization, and that will be Jim Dallam, Hive Treasurer.

  • Jim will work with the leadership, membership, school and Dustin to assure a successful experience for all.

  • Specific objectives and tasks have been identified and discussed to be formalized after the membership vote.

Note, this position for Dustin does not relieve the general members from their own obligations to volunteer to do the things that good members do, including cleaning up after themselves. This merely formalizes student member Dustin doing targeted additional good things to help him gain experience for his future career.

I am out-of-town on business this week (again) but will phone into tonight’s meeting to participate in the discussion and vote. I strongly encourage a YES vote to proceed with this first-time trial to benefit Dustin.

Jim Dallam

Please accept this email as my vote official for YES


Sounds fantastic to me!

Vote yes

I will also vote yes


I vote yes

Is it too late to throw in my vote of yes?

I vote yes, this is a win-win

We decided against a vote for the position since the hive isn’t spending any money. Thanks guys for all your support!