Vote for compressed air lines for next week

Hey everyone,

I would like to do a vote for $350 to (finally!) add pipes for compressed air lines throughout the hive.

The basic plan for this is located here:

I have gotten a few parts for this already in preparation and done quite a lot of research. John McCarthy has also been helping me out quite a bit. Hoping that if this vote passes next week that it could be done in another week or two.

This is too late for this week. I just want to start it a bit early so I remember it for Tuesday. Vote will be on the 12th.

Comments welcome.


I like this idea. My vote is a yes. But does this include a line for our soon to be new laser cutter


It does include lines for both laser cutters. Also, wait until you know for sure you won’t be showing up at the meeting after this one to say yes or no on here. It will make things less confusing when we do the actual vote.

I will be out of town on the 12th. I’m sure I won’t be at the meeting.

The chances of me making it to meeting on 12th are slim to none. I vote yes. If you need truck to get stuff, lmk and it’s all yours. (or I might even be able to help depending on time)

Does this include regulator, valve, etc at some drops? If so, would that be an added cost?

Yes. The one by the laser cutters will have a solenoid and regulator + filter, the one by the CNCs might have a regulator, and one in the dirty room will have a regulator + filter. There will also probably be a filter + regulator directly on the compressor to reduce the pressure from 175psi to 120psi. The other drops will be unregulated with quick connects on them.


So after discussing this with some other people last night, I want to bump up the total amount to $400. This will let me buy at least two halfway decent filters rather than cheap harbor freight ones. I’d rather do it right the first time. :slight_smile:


My vote still remains yes. I will be out of town on the day of the vote.

I won’t be at the meeting tomorrow night. I vote yes! I was looking for automatic tool changer for the CNC and we will need compressed air!


vote YES from me.