Vote for CNC Pinion Gear replacement

This is a VOTE proposal for CNC pinion gear replacement.

CNCRouterParts confirms their new rev of PRO Roller Drive Spindle, NEMA 34 will fit up to the mounting plates we have. See it here: pro-roller-drive-spindle-nema-34 Cost is $49.75
They have many of the new design in stock and can ship the next day after payment.

We need to replace all three spindles on our machine. I propose we budget $250 for this project. The extra money covers taxes, freight, and ancillary hardware.

The new part fit up may be excellent or may leave room for improvement.
Said improvements may include any or all of the following threadlock / steel thread inserts / thrust washers.


I vote yes.

Vote yes

I vote yes.


I vote Yes


We should coordinate a day for this repair so we can all help and get her calibrated when we're done.

Thanks Dave.