Vote for CNC electronics

On Tuesday we brought up a vote that we would like to have next week. We need to purchase new electronics for the CNC router since none of us (Ryan, Coy, myself) could get them working correctly.

We are asking for $700 for this purchase. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind this is just about the only money the hive will have put in to this machine. :slight_smile:


I vote yes.

I vote yes. Although, don’t through the old stuff out yet.

Julien is currently playing around with the old electronics to see if he might be able to get them working. If he does get them working then we have two sets of electronics for some other project (convert the enco mill to CNC? :slight_smile: )

Yes I am trying to get working the kflop+kstep and to repair one of the VFD. One the stepper controller could also be use on the Shapoko. The current controller is really the Achilles heel of the machine.

Converting the Enco could be nice but I would really like to see the lathe converted!