Vote for an led light fixture like dirty room but better

A good friend and neighbor owns a lighting company that specializes in led retrofitting and he installs lights in a ton of the new businesses down here. I talked to him about the doom and gloom in the dirty room and he gave me a light to bring down for you guys to check out. It is industrial grade to meet code and durability. If you have seen the rigged light I put in the dirty room at the moment it is 1 foot bu 2 foot I believe. The new light is of the same type however is 2 ft by 4 feet and would light the whole room no problem. I have access to both size lights and he is doing them st cost for me if we want to get one. I can post a picture in just a little while it has been loaned to me to try before you buy for us at the meeting. The total cost for the large one is 150.00 and the smaller ones 100 or so. They are tried and true in business around here and he can get us whatever we might want to take the doom and gloom out of the space for very cheap for what it is. I will find a place at the hive to leave it did there for people to check it out if interested.

Thanks, Kevin.

I'm interested to see this. The temporarily rigged light in the metal room has made welding much safer and more enjoyable. We've been discussing improving the lighting above the workbenches for years with no significant action taken. The metal room makes for a dramatic demonstration of how much better things could be.

I'm also interested in seeing those Snap-on light fixtures you mentioned yesterday. Some of the smaller workbenches might benefit from less expensive spot lighting of that type.

- Ry

Brought that light down for the neighbor it was meh with the output it was more the output looking for he left for a business trip today and won’t be back for a week but I’m going to see what the brighter lumen ones run when he gets back, fyi if you could see the thread I posted today if your down that way and could help me out it would be awesome had to run up to mason to look at a car