Vote for $700 for electrical improvement for the new space

First of all, the lighting is abysmal. Second of all, Ian W. thinks there is only one circuit in here, so we’d pop breakers like it’s going out of style. I don’t plan on spending nearly that much, but it never hurts to be sure.

So, basically

  • More lighting - its own circuit as well as the fixtures

  • At least one, if not two, more 20A circuits for plugs

  • One 240V outlet for 240V things

Elly says I need to post that this vote is on March 21st.

i will not make it due to other commitments so i vote yes.

My only questions are what when do you expect to have it all installed and do you need any help? Just a general timeline.

How many free spots are in the breaker box?

Jim mentioned that possibly garden street may reimburse us for our upgrades, has anyone checked that this would qualify?

I’m going to run these circuits into “Panel 2” - the reason being that this space is separate from ours and feeding it from a panel in our space could cause problems down the line. I think there are about 5 free spots? I am going to work with Jim on the Garden Street angle.

When I start doing the work, I’ll be sure and ask for help. It’ll likely be on a Saturday or Sunday.

i vote yes!

Also, do we have a date when we will be moving meetings into the new area?

Greg installed the lock last Saturday… sooooo I suprized everyone and held the meeting there last week. :smiley: yayyy

We just moved the projector and some chairs in there. As for moving the tables, we need to strategically think about the power needs and flexibility for moving those tables into different configurations. The full take move might need to wait for the electric upgrades. We can use extension cords for some of it now though.

Typo: “the full table move might…”

I vote yes.

Tim Wagner

I vote yes

Not going to be at the meeting, need to talk to a man about a cabinet table saw.

I vote yes.