Vote for $6500 to improve dust collection

Dust Collection Discussion - Proposing a vote for $6500 to improve dust collection. In collaboration with Doug Schmidt, Tyler Wertz. Ben Sims, and John Clark; we have been building a plan to improve the woodshop dust collection. We all feel that our plan is well enough developed to open this up for a vote.

  • Improve Air Quality by improving Dust Collection
  • Reduce Noise Levels in Wood Shop
  • Equal or better Machine Placement for Work Flow
  • Improved Tool Storage
  • Plan for Expansion into the Dungeon

What this plan will do:
Purchase and Install a Laguna X|Flux: 5 Dust Collector $4500

  • Why Now? There is a once a year sale at Mueller Co on Laguna equipment.

  • Why make the vote for $6500? Because of added electrical and duct costs.
    We hope to not spend it all.

  • Collect Dust for two to three machines at the same time.

  • Cut total duct length in half = less resistance

  • Make most ducts 6” or 8” diameter to improve flow

  • Get at least two to 2.5 times the suck from the Dust Collector

  • Current Tempest DC is nominally rated at 1350 CFM (When new)

  • Proposed Laguna X|Flux: 5 is nominally 3093 CFM

  • Eliminate the noisy shop fox DC from the saw stop

What this plan won’t do:

  • Collect Dust from all machines at the same time - We still need blast gates…
  • Eliminate the need for stand alone dust collectors to capture fine fugitive dust.

You can read more here (edited)
The proposed shop layout is here

Dave Velzy

I vote yes! Thanks for continuing to put efforts into the dust collection system. Remember that we have a tone of fittings from the last push to get every machine hooked up, we have gates and elbows and flanges for a down draft table, and 2" loc-line for drill press and scroll saw dust collection. They just need someone to put in the effort

Absolutely YES

Yes! And thanks for all that work!

I vote yes

For sure yes!

Can we add automated blast gates?


I vote YES!

I vote YES!

I vote yes.

Yes, and thank you for all the planning and research that went into this.

vote yes

It is a yes from me.

A yes from me! Thanks for the continued effort to make the woodshop even better!

Will the new system include a handheld hose to use instead of shopvacs? We had this at 2929 Spring Grove and I would like to see this again!

I abstain

I vote yes

I vote Yes

Clean space and air gets a yes vote

I vote yes

with 21 yeses and 1 abstain, this vote passes