VOTE: CNC Mill and Lathe Toolboxes, Carts, and Workstations -

This vote is for permanent carts/stands/workstations for the Prolight CNC machines Brad and Caiden have been working on making operational.

I would like to build two carts of similar construction, one for the mill and one for the lathe. Each would consist of one of these tool cabinets, reinforced with a welded 2" steel tube frame around it to better support the weight of the machines (my initial concept sketch for the lathe attached).

These would live side by side along the south wall of the machining area, where the wooden table that has the Roland on it is now. There is 135" there between the lathe and the gas line for the furnace. These carts, with the reinforcements, would be 50.375" wide (each) when complete, so they would fit in that space comfortably. the shelves that are behind the lathe now would need to be scooted over a few inches, but that’s easy enough.

The tool cabinets are $400 each (and are virtually identical to the green one John Clark has if you want to see one in person). We have most of the steel on hand (2" tube), but would need about $200 worth of flat bar and angle in addition to the tube. The vote also includes a nice monitor and keyboard stand for each Total would end up being ~$1550 to get both of them built.



I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

yes, and thank you!

Yes. Give Latheboi and Millie a permanent home.

vote yes

I vote YEs

I vote yes! Thanks for putting this together, Kevin. I will ALWAYS be in favor of upgrading organization in the space!

I vote yes

I also vote YES.

It is a yes from me!

I vote yes

I vote yes

with 20 yes, 0 no, and 1 abstain this vote passes