VOTE: Budget for purchasing a projector

Hello all,

At yesterdays meeting I proposed a vote to purchase a new projector for
our meeting area. Our current projector is bulky, low-res and ancient.
The only input on it that we ever make use of is VGA, and that usually
through the use of one or several adapters. This caused a problem
yesterday when our 2nd tuesday speaker needed to do a presentation and
the necessary adapters were not available. We ended up stealing the tv
from the lounge and using that. Decent 1080p projectors can be had for a
few hundred dollars and, as a bonus, whatever we get would be
significantly smaller and could be easily mounted up on the wall of the
annex, gaining us back a bit of floor space. I am proposing a $600
budget for a projector and required mounting equipment. This is based on
regular retail cost, however I will be considering the usual
alternatives (eBay, etc) so it will probably cost quite a bit less than
this, especially since it seems fairly likely that there will be a some
relevant black friday deals forthcoming.

tl;dr - $600 budget for a new projector and hardware for the mounting

Ian B.

I vote yes. ( might want to throw in some adapters for any input it doesn’t have, like mini display port, or USB C - there are some cool multi converters at Amazon)


I vote yes!

I vote yes.

(As a back-up, I have an older projector that just lost its red channel.

I would be happy to donate it, if anyone thinks it can be salvaged ( or just like to watch underwater videos ; p ),
but it would be as a backup, not instead of the proposed purchase. )


I vote yes