VOTE: Bandsaw Fence and Accessories

Adding a fence to a bandsaw can add a lot of utility, makes it easier to make straight cuts and resaw cleanly.

Kreg makes a fence that fits our bandsaw nicely that’s nicely priced:

it has T-track slots to use accessories like this re-saw guide:

They also offer this net little micro-adjust gismo to dial in the blade to fence offset for precision cuts:

The three together are just under $150, would make a nice upgrade to our bandsaw.

Kevin -

This brought to mind an old set of video series, focused on building an interchangeable table and bandsaw fence system designed around common t-slot aluminum extrusion. You might take a quick look. I think we have most of the necessary metal lying around.

I’m certainly not opposed to buying an inexpensive tool rather than spending days building something. We fall into that trap often enough. If this design catches your attention though, I would happily assist with the metal fabricobbling.

  • Ry

I'm familiar with that type design, and if we were talking about a table saw fence or router fence that would be $500+ to buy, I'd be all about making it, but the Bandsaw one is cheap enough I feel like it's worth just buying.

Parts will be arriving Wednesday, I’ll try to have the fence installed by next week’s meeting.

Fence is installed!

The rip guide was a bit tall for our saw, so I cut it ~1.5-2" short from how it came.

The blade currently on the saw also has some pretty bad drift. I didn't align the fence to this blade since it's old and we have newer ones. I'll align it to the resaw blade next time I need to use it, but if someone needs the saw before then, the guide book is on it for reference on how to adjust for drift.

Thanks for working on it.