VOTE: Additional shelf for our flammables cabinet

We put a good bit of effort into cleaning and organizing the flammables cabinet this weekend, and determined it would be nice to have an additional shelf in there since we primarily have small containers.

Lisa found the part for $93.47 (it’s a hefty gauge steel shelf) + ~$20 shipping

I’ll put the vote at $125 for any possible price or shipping fluctuations.


Kevin M.
Secretary and CNC/Machining Warden

vote yes

I vote yes, too. But wouldn’t that just fall under one of the warden’s budgets?

John Clark

At $114 that’s 45% of a months budget. Generally amounts over 100 go to votes.

Yeah, Warden budget has been tight recently, didn't want to blow it on a single item.

Spendy mc spenderpants



This vote is today.

I vote yes

I vote yes

I haven’t looked closely at it but I’m kind of surprised that we can’t engineer our own shelf for this cabinet… Then again I don’t think I would be the one doing it so I would essentially be volunteering someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself.

Given that it is only slightly over the cutoff amount for just putting it on the wardens list I’m going to roll over and say YES.

Flammables Cabinet Shelf

  • Online

  • Yes: 7

  • No: 0

  • In Person

  • Present: 19

  • Abstain: 3

  • No: 1

  • Yes: 15

  • Verdict: passed

New cabinet shelf is in! If anyone is willing to crank out a few more of the grey plastic boxes to put on the shelves, please post and let us know, the goal is to get it so everything is in one of the box and they are labeled and categorized so that it’s easy to pick out adhesives vs. stains vs. varnishes vs. spray paint vs. oils, etc.


-Kevin M.