VOTE: additional A-frame ladder

Vote - additional A-frame ladder

This is a member vote for an additional “A-frame” ladder. We currently have one such ladder. There are times when we need a second one. Either so two people can use them or to make it easier for one person to go back and forth between two locations.

Budget for this vote is $270. Which is $239 plus sales tax and a little extra to cover possible price increases.


Little Giant Ladder Multi M22 Aluminum 22-ft Reach Type 1A- 300-lb Capacity Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder Model #16522-002

Chris Davis loaned us a very similar ladder and it was significantly easier to work with than our existing ladder.
It is the same height as our existing ladder.

Likely questions:
Didn’t we have several of them? What happened to them?
I and other members have loaned ladders to the Hive in the past. Eventually we found that we actually needed them back.

I vote yes

I also vote YES

I vote yes

I vote YES. (we do need to name it though)

I vote yes

I vote Yes.

I like ladder.

i vote yes

Yes to ladders!

Vote Tallies:

The Yea’s: 10

The Nay’s: 0

The Abstains: 1

This vote passes

Name vote: Rungs McLadderson