[Vote] $90 for scroll saw

Hi all,

Kevin got a really good deal on an awesome scroll saw (you can see info about it on the wiki).

Ryan reimbursed Kevin personally so this vote is to reimburse Ryan for the $70.

The extra $20 is to buy a whole handful of blades since they snap fairly easily.

If you have any questions or are not going to be at the meeting next week

to vote in person reply here. (Pleasseee do not post your vote here if you are going to be at the meeting. It just makes extra work for us.)



I do not know if you can piggy back it but I got that 16 gallon 6hp? shop vac for the metal room as well for 20 bucks

yes 2

Procedurally, it’s probably not appropriate to change a vote while voting is open. But we’ll take care of it one way or another. A $20 one-time expense to improve the metal room is easily within the warden budget, for instance. (And we haven’t had many of those recently, due to the unfilled welding warden slot)

  • Ry

I’m going to abstain from this vote.

It’s an extremely useful and high-quality tool at a great price, but abstaining seems appropriate given my small financial interest in the outcome.

  • Ry

I vote yes… on both

yes to both

The shop vac I got for metal working, plastic, and “oily” stuff as the filter we will have on that wont be as high of a “merv” rating as some of the one for wood dust. Also if we dedicate one to the oily stuff we will not end up with caked up saw dust filters that are ruined. I figured I would make a what to use this for sign for the front of it however did not know if it needed to be added to the wiki.

We can make a “metal room only” sign. :grinning:

How about wrapping it with a band of “metal room only” steel strap? Then welding the strap closed. Then welding a chain to the strap. Then welding the other end of the chain to the floor in the corner opposite the door.

I’m sure someone will still manage to get sawdust in the vac, but it won’t be attributed to laziness.

  • Ry

I like where your going with things ry :slight_smile:

How about I put the $20 for the vac on the area warden sheet.