Vote: $7000 for Block bender and shear

As discussed at the meeting, I’m proposing $7000 to purchase a block bender (also known as a finger brake, box bender, or pan brake) and a shear.

My plan is to hunt for a good deal on places like Craig’s List or eBay and buy each when I find a good deal. I’m looking for a shear that can handle 36", as that’s a pretty common width for sheets of tin. As for the block bender, 30" or 24" width is likely sufficient.

As for thickness, I’d like to find machines that can handle 12 ga. steel, but if I find a great deal on a 16 ga. machine I’ll likely get it.

There are some non-fasttrack auctions that I keep an eye on where these come up a lot (along with Bridgeports, Brad.)
If you need my truck to go get it, let me know. I can probably borrow a forklift from a friend too if need be.

Sweet. I’m just testing the waters about the mill. We need to think about our plans (and space) before getting too much more big stuff.

Just curious, are we doing the mill or the bender? In the past we have generally spent 5k (ish) only once per year and seeing two very large proposals within about a week of each other makes me pause for a sec and ask this question.

Sorry for the confusion. My mill thread is just to explore what we would like to do. Not a vote.
We may end up just hanging loose for a while. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I don’t know enough to know whether this is worthwhile or not.

That’s a bar folder. It just folds over at an edge. It’s not really what we want.

This is a larger Brake without ‘fingers’ As such it too is limited in what can be folded.

Found on one of the auction sites Dave B shared were a Pexto stomp shear for ~$1200 missing the back gauge.

And an old powered Wysong 14Ga 52 inch also missing the back gauge for ~$2900. The Wysong is a huge beast.

Most interesting was a 52 inch hydraulic Jet with a cracked cast iron bed being sold for parts.
Someone stuck a piece of plate in that one, cycled the blade and cracked the cast iron bed.

These are serious tools. Far from idiot proof. Take a finger in the blink of an eye.

Are we considering this purchase vote still open, or would it need to be re-voted since it’s been so long?

We’d need to bring it to another vote, as six months have passed.

I’d still be in favor if it came up again.

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