VOTE: $500 dollars for network improvements

Hello all,

At the meeting tonight I proposed a $500 budget for improvements to the
hive's network. Specifically, we are in desperate need of a new core
switch as our current hardware is old, slow and the likely culprit for
our frequent connectivity problems during meetings. The money will be
used to purchase a 48 port Gigabit PoE capable switch to replace our two
24 port switches, one of which is only providing 10/100 speeds and the
other is not PoE capable. As part of the project Greg and I will be
removing the horrendous tangle of wires above the lounge and migrating
our remaining networking equipment to the server rack, as well as
re-locating the Wireless AP to better cover the annex.

TL;DR: $500 for making the hive's network suck less.


Ian B.

Yes from Katie and I


Yes from I

Yes. Approve.
Dave Velzy