VOTE: $475 for Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Tool

I’d like to propose a vote to purchase a good-quality, portable desoldering tool for use in the electronics area. The specific tool in mind is the Hakko FR-301, along with supporting components.

The FR-301 is easy to use and easy to service. Many different sized nozzles are readily available for it (N61 NozzleSeries)

Total Itemized Cost:

Item Cost Description
Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Tool $317.11 Includes case & cleaning tools
N61-08 1.0mm diameter nozzle $15.00 Extra nozzle of most common size
N61-10 1.6mm diameter nozzle $17.10 Nozzle for large components
B1089 Cleaning pin for 1.6mm nozzle $12.14 Cleaning tool for N61-10 nozzle
A5044 Ceramic filter 10-pack $8.61 Extra fume/suction filters
C1100 Iron Holder $38.00 Holder specifically for FR-301
Misc (shipping costs, fudge factor, etc) $67.02 May not be fully used

Total Proposed Expenditure Allocation: $475.00


A desoldering tool uses heat and vacuum to remove existing solder from through-hole and some surface mount components. This enables the user to remove and replace the components on a printed circuit board.


Manual desoldering pumps, of which we have many, are operated using a thumb piston and heat supplied from a separate soldering iron. They are inexpensive but are tedious to use and unreliable without proper technique. When faced with desoldering many components (such as a 40-pin chip) they are downright impractical.

Powered tools such as the FR-301 supply their own heat and suction via motorized vacuum pump. The user only needs to place the heated nozzle over the component leg, wait for the solder to melt and press the trigger, which applies the vacuum. Old solder is cleaned out from a holding chamber.

Note: We currently have access to a powered desoldering tool. However, it is not owned by Hive13 and is not portable.

I vote YES!
It will be awesome!

I vote yes

Yes, this is something I wish we had often enough that its past time to finally pick one up

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I vote yes

I vote yes

Get a 1mm / 0.9mm diameter rod to keep the 1mm nozzle clean. Welding filler rod for a TIG works fine. Welding torch tip cleaners also work wonderful IF they’re long enough to reach all the way through the tip to dislodge solder. These tools will literally last decades and thousands of hours of use (evidence: my old Xytronic unit at the hive) and will get trashed/inoperable in a hurry (evidence: mine at the hive) if they are not cleaned routinely. Vacuum pump rebuilds are also a thing, but generally every couple years.

Vote yes.

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I vote yes. This would have been handy for a project a while back.

I vote yes :slight_smile:

I vote YES

With 24 yesses, 0 nos, and 0 abstains, this vote passes.

Items ordered and on the way!