VOTE: $4,500 for Kiln Purchase

Hello everyone, the Hot Crafts area needs a new kiln to support the development as ceramics as a capacity at HIVE13 and to expand glasswork capabilities.

This vote is asking for $4,500 to purchase a kiln.

This budget is based on the cost of an Olympic DM MAS1823HE (it’s an MAS1823HE with solid electrical box with dual media element added). This kiln measures 17.5″ WIDE X 22.5″ DEEP and has 3" walls; this kiln is well insulated and will run very efficiently. It fires up to cone 10 and includes dual-media elements meaning it is ideal for glasswork and ceramics. This kiln only requires a 40 amp breaker and #8 copper wire, so our current electric works without any changes. Additionally, the kiln we have quoted directly from Olympic includes Genesis Touch Screen controller which can store up to 30 user programs and allows for monitoring via mobile app and will be approachable and user friendly.

The Olympic kiln fits HIVE13’s needs really well, purchasing it direct from manufacturer we’ve been quoted $3555 + $300 in shipping; which a deal they’ve offered us due the kiln having been built for a previous order that wasn’t completed. We will do our due diligence to make sure we get the best price for the kiln we want.

I ask that you please consider voting yes, to take the next step towards making ceramics a fully functional area in the Hive and improving the whole hits crafts area. Thank you!

I vote yes :slight_smile:

I vote yes

vote yes

I vote yes, thanks for all your help getting the ceramics area usable and for helping research and debate our kiln options. This will definitely be a better fit for the hive’s needs.

I vote yes.

I vote yes!!

Enthusiastic yes! Thank you for all the effort you folks have been putting into discussing this!

I vote yes! This is a great investment, IMHO.

I vote yes!

Reminder: this vote closes tomorrow evening

I vote yes!

Yes–sounds great!

I vote no.

I do not see this as a wise purchase currently. A couple of reasons off the top of my head:

  • There is very little space for ceramics work in the current hot crafts area. Any increased amount of ceramics use will require diligent cleanup that is extremely difficult to stay on top of in an all volunteer organization.
  • The lack of discussion that would demonstrate a user base in our current membership that would justify the expense.
  • The opportunity cost of the $4500, which could go towards other projects with wide support made clear through member feedback such as an organized class / certification program, or the potentially accelerated need for funds to rent and build out of the dungeon space.

In the Slack discussion I offered a keypad controller version of the Skutt kiln that we currently have in the space; it would require ~$300 and labor to rewire the electrical circuit, and likely ~$500 for new elements. It would not have the same glass capabilities or the fun app based remote control of the Olympic kiln in this vote, but would be around $3500 cheaper.

No is my vote. Echo CJ Davis reasoning.

Not saying never, just not yet until there is a plan that accommodates claycraft better that now.

I vote no. Perhaps I’m off-base on this, but it feels silly to put extra towards ceramics capabilities that would be a lot of extra cleanup, particularly with several other spaces in the area more specialized for this.

A few questions before I can cast my vote intelligently.

While I much prefer the lower cost option, that would require someone to replace the elements. Do we have someone willing to do that work? As we have proven, it doesn’t matter how cheap something is, if no one is willing to do it, it won’t happen.

Next, would the mess problem still be an issue with the lower cost item? Or will we still have to contend with that issue, or limit our abilities until we expand the area and can address them?

And lastly, just to be that asshole again, how much of our quarterly/annual tool budget will this use? It looks like we have close to 7k of money up for vote currently, with the talk of a CNC plasma cutter/fiber laser and an expansion and the buildout of the space. I know how much money we have, but until we have an idea of how much we are setting aside a quarter/annually for improvements. I don’t want to not get a plasma cutter because we got a fancier kiln. What happens if we have to replace the laser because the mechanicals are effectively worn out?

I want to be able to glaze a pot, but what do I have to give up to do that, if anything at all?

I’m going to abstain

I vote no - I would prefer a cheaper option

With 20 yesses, 2 abstains, and 3 nos, this vote passes.