VOTE: $350 for Prolight mill Rebuild

here are the proposed components for a full rebuild of the prolight mill

Our most likely cost will be $280, $350 is the “ah hek” number (see maybe components below)

Brain: $95 EC300 4 axis controller, this one was chosen because it supports the high number of outputs we would need for the tool changer
MPG: Free, included with purchase of the EC300
Shipping for the above, $35

Stepper drivers: $60 DM542 20-50v, 4.2A
Stepper PSU: $27 48v,10A
Electronics Enclosure: $63 waterproof electrical enclosure while the back panel of the machine originally held some of the components, im not comfortable that we could fit everything we need, without negatively affecting airflow/cooling

Maybe Components: these will be included in pricing as they are needed in theory, even though we have them on hand, I’d rather come in under budget, than go over to order a part we thought we had.

Controller PSU: $20 24v, 5A ive got 2 on hand
Machine wire: Plenty on hand, unsure of cost
Wiring terminals: ~$20 Im sure at least one thing will need re-terminated, and we have everything on hand needed to do so, this is more of a “hive supplies” cost than anything that would need ordered.
Mach 3/4 License: includes in current subscription.
Computer system: I have multiple on hand, not going to worry about it
Rounding errors $30 (I like solid numbers, and to adjust for inflation/shipping changes)

All in, this will bring the Mill to a 100% working state, using the same control system as the big wood router. There will be some ‘down the road’ improvements, such as Getting the 4-tool changer working, and getting a spindle encoder. Nothing critical, just those “nice to haves”

Infrastructure requirements?

Currently, Zero. It runs off a standard outlet. Although air will be required, that is part of a much bigger plan, in the meantime I have a compressor I can plop next to it.


Q: Why Mach3/4 over linuxcnc/grbl/other?
A: 2 parts, first we get to keep the same interface/system on all our cnc equipment which is nice, and secondly, im more comfortable working with mach

Q: Why this specific controller/drivers?
A: This controller was picked for its high number of outputs, needed for our tool changer/spindle, drivers are what i saw recommended on forums for good midgrade builds

Q: timeframe for completion?
A: before 2025, controller won’t arrive till late sept

Q: why do we need another mill?
A this is setup for more heavy-duty work, as well as a larger build volume, tool changing is also a nice feature to learn for those who would want to go into a more professional cnc career.

Q: dint we already vote on this?
A: uh. see brad.

I think that is everything?

I vote YES

I vote yes

Yes. Thanks for putting this plan together.

I also vote “yes”. Thank-you.

vote yes

I vote Yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

I also vote YES.

I vote yes. Thanks for putting this together

I vote yes

Apologies for the late announcement, but this vote has passed (26 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain).