VOTE: $300 for miscellaneous items to make the meeting room functional


$226 has already been spent and not reimbursed on incidental items for the meeting room. The rest of the $300 is for miscellaneous items that we may need but won’t buy unless we really need them.

We might be able to cram these expenses into the warden and MRO budgets. But they are better accounted for with a separate vote. And there really isn’t room for this in the other budgets.

Why isn’t there a bill of materials and overall project plan?

We just started using the space and found that we needed a few things. We have mostly been able to take advantage of found and donated items but have had to buy a few things to make it work.

There was a prior project plan and bill of materials of over $3,500. So these expenses in this vote seem reasonable by comparison.

Apples and oranges John, the “prior project plan” also included stuff like $1k for carpet for both lounge and conference room, a $600 video teleconference system, and the materials to build a nice 5’ x 12’ conference table :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote yes, thanks to everyone who has been working to make that space usable and pleasant.

I vote yes for misc. items for the meeting room.

John O votes yes.

I vote yes. Seems like a reasonable amount, and flexibility is important for stuff like this. It’s great when people are so engaged as to spend their own $ on things that make it better for all of us, and we really should reimburse them.

I vote YES.

I vote yes.