[vote] $300 for flammables cabinet

One of the things the fire dept inspectors wanted us to change was storing solvents and other flammable liquids in a real fire proof cabinet.

There are a handful on craigslist for around $200, but since it is craigslist it might take a few tries before we can get one.

I know this is being posted a bit late, but I’d like to vote on this at the next Tuesday meeting since it is a safety issue.


I vote for a new “real” cabinet.


I agree with brad. We should just get a new cabinet not find one on craigslist.

Here appears to be a good one:


I think you might have misinterpreted Brad’s comment (pretty sure he was just saying a fire cabinet to replace our current regular cabinet).

Any particular reason why we would want to buy one new rather than used? That is nearly 4x as much as most of the craigslist listing and none of them look to be in bad shape.


First your math is off the cabinet I shared was just over 2X your requested amount. And I have learned over time don’t cheap out on safety equipment. I don’t like to risk safety and the hive burning down over a few hundred bucks by trusting someone on Craigslist

I asked for $300 in case we could get any of the currently listed ones and a new one pops up that is more expensive. Currently looking at one that is about $160 and one that is $200. The buffer is just something I’ve learned to add in case little costs pop up.

I’m not super familiar with fire safes, but as far as I am aware there isn’t really a whole lot that can go bad on them unless they either rust apart or have been in a fire, both of which are pretty obvious from looking at it.

I’ll have a chat with Kevin and any other people down here who deal with fire safety (I think Ian Wilson works with fire safety a lot) and see what their take is on it.

For now I’m happy sticking with the current vote.



Sorry, didn’t mean to be a troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that we can get some used good stuff. A fire cabinet is probably something that can be bought used if it is OK. (No used fire extinguishers, air tanks, or smoke detectors though . . ). As long as it is a “real” fire cabinet and not one just painted yellow. Should be double walled and have some kind of nameplate.

I found a 45 gallon new for ~$600.

So if a “real” fire cabinet can be bought for $300 that is used, I’m cool with that.

Brad “not on fire” Walsh

Dan, I have to point out we’ve been using a non-fire rated metal cabinet for storing flammables for … 5 years? A used item in serviceable condition will be a significant step up. If you want to cover the difference in cost between a quality used unit and a new one of your choice, I doubt anyone will stand in your way.

I vote yes for $300 towards a QUALITY used piece in serviceable condition. Please remember that Craigslist is totally buyer-beware, Jon.


I vote yes to the purchase of a nice used one. I see no value in throwing away money on a new one as it will perform 100% exactly the same function without the depreciation and landfill issues. Besides, we’ve already bought something new this year. :slight_smile:


Hey Dave, one point of voting is to discuss options and opinions. So I brought up the option of a new one.
I’m for a quality used one but I don’t trust Craigslist on anything where the is no assurance beyond someone’s word.

The fact we have been using a non fire rated for 5 years shows the hive as a whole (if not to get more specific and making it a game of passing the buck) has been willing to halfass something, something in safety we shouldn’t do.

I vote no until we can verify the item being looked at is a quality fire rated item if we are going for buying on craigslist as stated.
(Show a good item within that range and I’ll be happy to change my vote.)


I think the discussion is great.
Feel like it is a forum discussion and not a “I’m going to see this person for real soon” but that is because I’m old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
To clarify my position: I think fire cabinets are OK to purchase used but their function needs to be verified. There are “bad” people that will sell a balsa wood cabinet painted yellow to make some money. Is it worth the risk? That is something to discuss.

I don’t buy tires, brakes, safety belts, etc. at all used because the risk is not worth it.

So let’s keep talking (nicely) and bring it up in the meeting.


Brad “not the oldest” Walsh

So I’m not sure what other peoples experience with cl is, but generally you find the item you want, call the guy, meet with him, inspect the goods, and if you are satisfied with the goods you pay the guy and then take the goods. Its not like eBay where you pay first before seeing it.

I believe it was Jon’s intent to inspect the cabinet before he put money down on it, hence why he mentioned that the only problems that could be found with buying a used cabinet would be easily spotted.

However any good quality cabinets are going to be sold quickly, so if we found a cabinet and voted on one, the cabinet would be long gone by that point.

I have faith that Jon can find us a used cabinet under $300. If we can’t, then we can vote for more money later.

From Jon’s own word he doesn’t know much about fire cabinets (he used the term fire safe to be specific.) I wouldn’t feel comfortable with an accountant looking at my car engine when he says he doesn’t know much about cars.

Found some cool info:




Looks like NFPA 30 is a standard used for fire cabinets.

I’m cool with Jon checking a used cabinet out and bailing if it feels sketchy. If it seems like an official cabinet and has the certification then it probably is better than what we have now.

Basically we are out of compliance now and we have to do something.