VOTE: $300 for a Band Saw Cross-Cut Sled

Bandsaw Crosscut sled for round logs

Why do we want something like this? Because we are not stronger than the band saw.

Modified Grizzly Cross Cut Sled. Total Cost $262 and some drill press work.

Of course, Grizzly does not design compatible band saw accessories. Why? They are Grizzly. So go Frankenstein. Start here Grizzly T32839 - Sliding Log Crosscut Jig $82

Hold it to the crosscut fence with these parts 2,4,5, 9,13,26 that fit the current bandsaw fence total $81

PH7587002 ADJUST BASE $59.80

PH7587004 SHAFT $4.60

PH7588013 LOCK BLOCK $8.95

PH7587005 SPRING PIECE $1.49

PH7588009 FENCE HANDLE M8-1.25 X 22 $4.05

PFB11M FLANGE BOLT M4-.7 X 10 $1.49

Connect those parts to an aluminum plate from Grainger

Aluminum Plate 6061: 36” Lg, 8” Wd, 0.25 in Thick, Unpolished, +/-0.008 in Item 2ARH8 $57.04

And 36” Rails from Amazon $22

Plus metal work. And It will look something like this.

Sure, I’ll vote yes

I vote YES.
Thanks for working on it.

I vote yes

An absolute and resounding YES

Will we be able to make all of these with it?

Regardless, I vote YES!

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I vote YES

Yes vote

I vote yea

Vote Yes.

I also vote yes. This will be a great addition to the shop

I vote yes.

With 28 yesses, 2 abstains, and 0 nos, this vote passes.