Vote: $300 Budget for Kiln Refurbishment Parts

While working to install the new programmable Kiln controller in the kiln we had donated, we found that the kiln had apparently been stored in a very high moisture environment at some point, and all the steel fasteners had been very badly corroded, to the point that many had to be cut and drilled to disassemble the housing. All of the crimp connectors on the wiring are also heavily corroded and the high temperature wire’s insulation is abraded through and needs to be replaced. The sheet metal housing/panels are also fairly rusted, and ideally should be stripped, cleaned, and repainted.

I’d like to propose a budget of $300 for the materials to get this kiln back to a clean, nice state. The $300 would include all new stainless steel hardware, new paint, new wires and connectors, and a kiln floor pad. This would bring the kiln back to near-new condition and make it vastly easier to make future repairs and improvements, and while $300 is a worthwhile expense for maintaining a several thousand dollar kiln.

The full list of materials I plan to buy is here.

This vote closes at the October 12th, 2021 meeting.


Kevin McLeod
Hot Crafts Warden

I vote YES.

Yes please!

I’ll vote YES but I am confused. The vote is for $300 but your list of materials adds up to $176 and lists a budget of $200. Is the extra $100 just for some extra headroom?

Shipping and tax add up quick, when I actually put stuff in carts, and go to checkout, it ends up being much closer to $300

I vote Yes

I vote YES!






John O

Reminder: this vote closes at today’s meeting


Kevin M.

This vote has passed.