VOTE: 3 Retractable Extension Cords, 2 Air Hose Reels, and Associated Hardware

This vote is for 3 new retractable extension cord reels, 2 new retractable hose reels, and all the equipment required to install them and move the air hose reel we already have.

With the work tables pretty much done, and having gotten good use, it’s become clear it’s common to need power at them, and extension cords are a hassle. Likewise, It’s common to need compressed air in the wood shop and metal shop.

To this end, I am proposing that we:

  1. Move the current air hose reel to above the woodworking workbench (area in yellow rectangle bellow) so that the woodworking area has both retractable air and power
  2. Add new retractable power cords above each of the big tables in the general area and above the standing welding table (yellow Circles and Triangle below)
  3. Add new retractable air hoses above the standing welding table and the big table nearest the metal shop (yellow circles below)

My tally of the required materials to do all this is as follows:

> > Total $681.92
> $ per Qty.
Retractable Cord Reel, 40-Ft, 12/3, Triple Tap $79.99
Retractable Air Hose Reel, 3/8 In. X 25 Ft. $57.99
Air Hose Lead, 3/8 In. X 3 Ft. $4.49
12/2 MC Cable, 250ft (Need ~115 ft) $103.00
20 Amp, 1 Pole Breaker, Square D, QO $8.00
20 Amp Single Outlet $3.50
Single Gang Box $3.00
Single Outlet Cover $1.00
Pipe and Fittings for Air (3/4", ~45 ft + fittings) $100.00
MC connecters (pack) $25.00
MC Insulator Sleeves (pack) $10.00
Air Quick Connects $7.00

Much of the electrical and air fittings we likely already have at the hive, but just in case we need more I’m leaving it in the vote (I’ll obviously only buy what’s needed if the vote passes). To give a buffer for unexpected material or shipping, I’ll put the vote at $800.

For those curious, my intent would be to run each power cord from it’s own new breaker in Panel 3 (I checked, there is space) so they can be used with high power tools simultaneously without issue. The new air reels would tie in to the air system where we currently have connections against the front wall in the metal room and welding room, eliminating those wall connections. The air reel currently above the mill woudl have it’s run extended to over the woodworking bench and be moved next to the existing power reel over there.

The Install work is all stuff I have done before and feel comfortable doing, if this passes I don’t mind doing the work to install it all. However, help would be most welcome. I can teach the electrical or plumbing skills required, it’s simple stuff that once learned is just a matter of elbow grease to get it done.


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary and Woodworking Warden.

i got hose, I got hose in different area codes

(vote yes)


We have this kind of setup at my work and it is much better than stringing extension cords all over the place.

I vote yes. (first vote as “regular” member). :slight_smile:


I like this idea, and inclined to vote yes, but the prices here dont seem to be the best prices we can find. For example I found 2 Retractable Air Hose Reel totaling $79.92 from a quick google search.


There are cheaper ones available, but I did a fair amount of searching and reading reviews and such to land on these (sorry, meant to include in first post):

Retractable Cord Reel, 40-Ft, 12/3, Triple Tap

Retractable Air Hose Reel, 3/8 In. X 25 Ft.

The power cord reels, I specifically wanted something with 12g wire to handle the current of any tool we might want to plug in to it. I also wanted it to have the triple tap plug.

The air hose reel there are a lot on the market that are notorious for having the return spring or lock pawls fail, so I was avoiding the models known to be prone to that.



I vote an official resounding "yes" to this. This is a project that will benefit virtually everyone and seems well thought through. From my own experience at the Hive being able to magically make compressed air appear and disappear with almost the snap of fingers is priceless. To extend that to electric... yes!
Kevin has an outstanding record of planning and following through. This is a no brainier.

I balked at the price at first, then thought about where these will be mounted. How many times do you want to get the ladder out because the retract jammed?

I have one of the cheaper hose reals at my house and would recommend not going the inexpensive route as the one I have is a pain to use. They do help keep clutter down and in the long run are well worth it.

I vote Yes.

This looks awesome, and really well put together. I vote yes, because tonight I won’t be at the meeting because I will be flying for funnsies.

This vote will not be for tonight, but next week.

Thanks, and have fun!

Then I will be there to violently raise my hand just for whoever counting the vote to forget the number and recount again!

Oh no! you voted online! do not raise your hand! haha

present 16

abstain 1

yes 15 + 5 online

no 0

Vote passed

I’ll get on ordering this stuff soon, be on the lookout for a call for help to install.


Kevin M.

woodworking Warden and Secretary

The air and cord reels should be in on friday. My plan was to get them mounted in the ceiling then work out the details of plumbing and cable routing before buying all that hardware. Anyone want to help with the ladder work?


Kevin M.
Woodworking Warden & Secretary

I will be at the Hive starting sometime Saturday morning and then for the Cooking the World - Bangladesh Edition.

If by “help with the ladder work” means me standing on the ground and pointing out that that looks really dangerous, I am your guy!

I have no issue being the one on the ladder, it’s just nice to have someone who can hand material up.

looks like the hose reels will be in Monday, but these showed up: