VOTE: $275 for large paper rolls for work tables

Comments and explanation:

You’re probably asking “Almost $300 for paper? Are you nuts?”. Well it turns out that the paper rolls that we take for granted on the work tables run roughly $70 each to replace and we are running out. Plus we have a third table that will need a paper roll. The additional money is to cover tax and shipping that we may run into.

Originally requested by Kevin McLeod

I vote yes, always having that paper available has been wonderful, and it’s lasted us nearly 4 years now. It’s a high price tag all at once, but 9000 sq. Ft. Of paper will serve us well for a long time.

I vote Yes!

I was just offered almost half a pallet full of old plotter paper- what size rolls do we need?

What a coincidence! 36"




Four rolls of 24in paper. I’ll start bringing in the copier paper in the next weeks.

vote yes

vote Yes

I vote yes!

I also vote YES. If we end up not needing it then we don’t spend it.