VOTE: $254 for Kiln Shelves

Now that the kiln is up and running again (thank you Kevin!) we could use a few more kiln shelves to make full use of the firing space.

The ceramics one full shelf got damaged so we need to replace that. I am also proposing we get a second full shelf for ceramics firings. Each full shelf is $57, $114 for both.

Additionally, more half shelves would enable us to load the kiln more efficiently. I am proposing we purchase four more half shelves. Each half shelf is $35, $140 for four.

These additional shelves will allow us to fill the kiln most efficiently with each firing; meaning more pieces can be fired at once and the kiln will be full each time it is fired (which is better for the kiln).

Please vote yes for $254 for additional kiln shelves for the ceramics area.


VOTE: $314 for Kiln Shelves

In original post left out $60 shipping :slight_smile:

Please vote yes to approve $314 for additional kiln shelves for ceramics and the cost of getting them.

I vote yes, and glad to have the kiln back up!

I vote yes

Yes yes yes

I vote yes

I vote yes!

I Vite yes.

Yes vote

I vote YES

Yes from me!

I vote YES.

I vote yes!

I vote yes to spending $314 for the kiln shelves.

Yes from me

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes!

With 27 yesses, 0 nos, and 0 abstains, this vote passes.