VOTE - $250 for 2 delta 3D printers

I am proposing a vote for $250 to get the parts to construct at least two Delta 3D printers from the collection of parts that we have.

This would be mostly NEMA 17 motors, electronics and some various construction bits.

The hope it to have two working Delta 3D printers that we may eventually make a “hive” of 6 printers in the Hive13 logo. :slight_smile:

I offered to donate 6 of my old pimaker printer kits to the hive. They’re just sitting in storage and have all the motors, electronics you’ll need. There are also a bunch of random usable bits as well.

With that said, I don’t think you need a vote on these. :wink:



I’d still like to keep the vote up but we would certainly like to get the parts.




Could we use some of this vote $ to fund needed accessories for 3D Printing? If not, would you like to tack on a few more bucks or solicit donations for:

  1. Airtight storage for filament / dry-boxes. (I use 5 gal buckets and lazy-susans)

  2. Dehydrator for nylons and other water-logged filaments ($5-$50 depending on DIY design)

  3. Smoke / fire detector (maybe a kichen model that trips soft with minor smoke, but goes full with lots of smoke / fire)

  4. Air filter. Relatively speaking, the nano-particulates and VOC’s from 3D printing aren’t so bad, but at the very least an irritant. Cheap hepa / charcoal rig works (DIY $25-50 {filter media is the expense})

  5. Other accessories others may think of.

  6. Move 3D printing to annex. It’s too crowded in fab-lab now, and it’s really hard to use the printers or work on them when they are on a shelf. Ultimaker, especially requires reaching behind, looking at back of machine, etc. Need access angles.

While the fire is hot, why not improve the storage, ergonomics, and workability of the space. Remember what electronics area looked like years ago??


Can we postpone the vote until we have successfully built one delta?

Then let’s talk about building a second or third one.

I would still like to vote on the money because I’m pretty sure we will have to get some stuff. Don’t think we will need all the $250, we haven’t collected everything yet.

Not sure when the vote will even happen as we don’t have a meeting this Tuesday.

Perhaps next Tuesday.

Just to throw it out there,

I got a kossel plus delta kit with a heated bed and larger build area. I planned on assemblying it at the hive and do not have any issues with it spending time down there when finished to play around with and see how well a delta does for the hive.

I also picked up a creality cr10 s the 300 x 300 x 400mm and it looks to come mostly assembled. I picked up both printers from that bid fta site and was able to at least check oit the cr10s as it was listed open box. Everything was in the box unused with protective wrap and it was only missing a roll of filament. I was able to pick them up for an pretty bad ass price and would love to put that build volume to work.

I will be picking up the printers on the 28th so whenever people are wanting to work on printers, im in :slight_smile: . Thank you very much Tiff for helping me search through the endless auctions.

Lorin, I think increasing the budget to help maintain fillaments as well as other little needed gadgets is a great idea. There is nothing worse than a 12hr print that turned out like crap from moisture/ etc.

Brad, if you are cool with upping the vote a little it is still a yes from Katie and I. Iwo have to be picking up some of my sporting goods from Capella’s after the holidays and can see if they will donate a dehydrator that the Box got banged up, or gun safe dryer :slight_smile:

Whew sorry for all of the directions.


Thanks for the info.

I’d love to help build the any of your printers. I think maybe keep the vote for what it is (getting at least two of the existing deltas going). We could certainly get another vote for upgrading the Hive 3D printer area.

I’m all for discussing shifting the space around. Using the annex for a 3D printing space could be cool.

My current project is to get the deltas going. We need to connect with Bill about his parts.

Good times,



Sounds good man! I am thinking for the learn to solder and other events the hive attends that having the multiple types of ffm 3d printers would be a GREAT visual display. The polar 3d, deltas, um2, cr10 i3, and printer bot all printing the hive logo would be slick!

I know people were digging stuff out on meeting night, however a formal meeting that is informal to take inventory and get a goal chart going would be cool.

I will end up putting this in another thread however I got Katie a big heat press and transfer kit with tons of add ons for Christmas (thank you bid fta santa) lol. Hopefullt she gets it up and going quick to do some mugs, shirts, hats, etc and make some commemorative “I survived the 2018 Hive 3d printer project” stuff. It would be funny and draw attention in a good way.


FYI, I’m doing an aliexpress order for electronics and printer parts in the next week or so. Send me an email if we need anything. For printer parts, I have used this seller and gotten good quality and delivery on everything.


I will be out of town for the meeting.

I’ll put my “yes” vote up now.

If Bill’s parts show up we can probably spend much less money getting the printers together before the next millennium.



Add my Yes vote for delta printer parts.

Dave Velzy

I vote yes.

Tim Wagner

Yes vote from me too.

Vote yes, I do.


I’d be interested in building at least 1 or 2 or assisting if want :slight_smile:

Sorry hasn’t been much progress.

I think we need to do a good inventory on what we have and then get a plan for the next steps.


Let’s review on Tuesday - we might have enough parts now…