Vote: $250 area warden monthly budget

Jim S has outlined a budget and plan for area wardens in the last month and the beginning of the year is when it was planned to be implemented.

I don’t have the full outline on hand at this moment, but when I find today it I will post it (or someone else can post it if they find it before me).

The gist is that there will be a $250 per month recurring budget that does not roll over. Area wardens can submit items that they wish to be purchased to a spreadsheet. Jim S and possibly some other officers will be in charge of approving items for purchase and for actually purchasing them.

Email me if you would like to vote online rather than at next Tuesday’s meeting.


Thanks for putting this up for me Jon, I had let it slip, here’s the area warden action plan:

While this has already been talked about quite a bit I guess we never got around to actually voting on the money. Like you mentioned Jon, it will be $250 each month (starting the first board meeting) and re-imbursement for any expenses accrued before the first board meeting of the year for supplies to make sure area wardens can actually get started in their areas. (which will be up to $250)


As a point of clarification on this: Jim wants $250 extra to get area wardens started before the month of january since there are a lot of items that everyone has in mind. So total for the three months the budget is: $250 leading up, $250 for january, $250 for february, and $250 for march.

I was a little confused on this and had him clarify it for me.

I can’t make the meeting but I vote “yes”. Please let’s make this happen - it is a good thing.