VOTE: 239.99 for Rockler Panel Cart

As per the last meeting of the woodshop committee I’m posting a vote for a Rockler Material Mate Panel Cart and Shop Stand. Vote closes Tuesday March 26.

The Rockler Material Mate Panel Cart/Shop Stand lets you easily roll 4’ x 8’ sheets from your truck or lumber rack to your table saw. The tilting top allows convenient loading if you store your sheet stock on edge, a common space-saving practice in small shops. With the Material Mate tilted, the sheet can be transferred from the rack with minimal repositioning. The vertical position also allows passage through a service door as narrow as 30’', and provides a more compact footprint when not in use. With the top in the horizontal position, you can unload sheets directly off the bed of your truck. When not in use as a panel cart, you can add a top and use the Material Mate as a mobile shop stand, work table or outfeed table.


  • Smooth rolling 4’’ casters—two swiveling and locking, two fixed
  • Top tilts for convenient loading, passage through service doors and a compact footprint
  • Passes through a 30’’ wide service door when tilted vertically
  • Add a solid top (not included) for use as a work table when not needed as a panel cart
  • Rigid steel frame construction

Cost $239.99

I vote yes

I too vote yes.

Yes. This makes sense.

Does this fold up for storing out of the way when not in use, or do we have a place for it to be stored outside of the woodshop like we do with the current panel cart? Also, what benefit does this provide over simply using the top of the existing panel cart as a fulcrum point when loading plywood on the table saw?

No if does not fold up. Yes well be able to store it out of the way

The benefit it provides is a more stable platform to feed from. This reduces the risk of injury when trying to manage large awkward sheriff’s by yourself. It also provides for better cuts

I vote yes

I vote yes

I vote yes, too

Then I vote yes

Yes from Phil

I also vote YES.

I vote YES.

I vote yes!

I vote yes!

With 27 yesses, 0 no, and 0 abstains, this vote passes.