Vote: $200 for Perler bead craft starter

I’d like to host some Perler bead craft nights and as we don’t currently have anything for it, we’ll need some start up materials. Perler beads are a fun, easy to transport craft, and refills are extremely cheap (around $4 for a pack of 1000 beads)

There has already been some discussion of this in the Crafts slack channel, but more discussion and input is always welcome.


3 of these starter kits Find the Perler™ Bead Fun Fused Bead Kit at Michaels

4 of these interlocking packs Perler® Large Interlocking Pegboard Set, 4ct. | Michaels

2 of these large boards Perler® Super Pegboard

4 packs of these bead tweezers Perler™ Fuse Bead Tweezers | Michaels

And I was planning to use the leftover to go ahead and grab a few of the refill packs for common colors, like black, clear, white, and a few colors.

I vote yes. This sounds really fun!

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I also vote yes, thanks for putting this together

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I vote Yes. I would like to give this a go.

I vote YES

I vote yes. This could be a fun project to do with my kiddos @ the hive.

I vote yes.

I vote yes!

I was super into Perler beads in high school. They’re incredibly fun, and would be a easy and cheap craft to add to the Hive. I vote yes :slight_smile:

I also vote YES

Enthusiastic yes vote from me!

vote yes. another fun thing to do at the hive

I vote yes :+1:

I vote YES! Sounds like fun!

With 23 yesses (GREAT voting turn-out y’all), 1 asbstain, and 0 nos,this vote passes.


thanks for the support everyone! After I get paid and can float the money, I’ll get that ordered!

Just an FYI, if a hive purchase for reimbursement would be a burden, anyone who posts a vote is welcome to email with what need to be ordered, and one of us will make it show up. It doesn’t have to be the person who posts the vote who makes the order.