VOTE: $200 CO2 fire extinguisher for laser area

After I gave the laser certification training this weekend I got to thinking about a possible larger fire in the equipment.
The current procedure is to not open up the enclosure if a fire erupts, stop the laser operation and wait for the fire to subside. (Kind of like a fire in your oven).
We do have some fire blankets to throw onto a burning thing, but I think this is kind of a non optimal solution.
The current next step is to use the dry chemical extinguisher on the column but the mess will be a lot of work to clean up.
In reality I think we should have a medium sized CO2 extinguisher right next to the laser in case something catches fire big time.
I found a 5 pound one on Amazon for $170.


This vote is to get one but I wanted to get peoples opinion before going the Amazon route. I like the idea of getting a new one as I think they need certification but I’m open to suggestions.

Please let me know what you think and we can vote next week.

Why is your link an image?

Weird, should be the amazon link to the extinguisher. Must have goofed up the copy/paste. This should work.



I have a friend that services fire extinguishers for businesses. I recently picked up a halon one for my electronics area. I will ask him what he has. I got a 5lb halon for <100.