VOTE: $1500 for Dust Collection System Budget

At today’s workday, we inventoried what duct and fittings we have, and determined we needed a fair bit more to finish the system. Ryan is going now to pick up about $800 worth of duct so we can move things forward, but that will be just for the ductwork, we will still need many blast gates, end fittings, and some connection flex hose.

This vote is for an estimated $1500 total budget, including the items Ryan is buying today as well as a budget for finishing out all the connections at a future work day.

I vote yes.


Kevin M.

I vote Yes

Hardly the sexiest thing we’ve ever bought but… as Kevin said it’s essential. I vote yes.

I vote YES.

Thanks for all the work.



John O

I vote yes

YES is my vote…

Yes (cough…)

Reminder: this vote closes tomorrow, if you haven’t voted, please do.




This vote has passed with:
11 online yes votes,
1 in-person yes vote,
1 abstain,
0 no votes