VOTE: $149.99 + shipping for Mood Premium Swatch Kit

Hello, I, Dave Schwinn, am putting up for vote the purchase of a Mood Premium Swatch Kit for the sewing area. This is essentially a catalog of over 100 swatches of various fabrics. It gives not only a sample of each fabric but a definition, history, and uses for each.

One of the big challenges for virtually any sewist is the disappearance of brick and mortar fabric stores where you can see, touch, and feel hundreds of fabrics. In most of the USA, JoAnne’s, Walmart and a few Michael’s are the only sources of fabric and their selection is limited. Purchasing fabric online is dicey as you don’t have the visceral experience that you get in a store. You often receive something that is quite different than you expected. Most online fabric retailers will sell you swatches but you have to know what to ask for. It would be terrific for our members to begin creating our own swatch collection and starting with a carefully curated set would be an incredible start!

Mood is an extremely reputable brick and mortar AND online fabric retailer based out of the textile district in Manhattan, NYC.

“Whether you’re looking to learn all you can about fibers and fabrics, or trying to update your swatch collection for future endeavors, this Premium Swatch Kit has you on the right path. Mood has developed this booklet to help further your knowledge of the characteristics of plant fibers, animal fibers, and synthetics, and identify the differences between wovens and knits. Ideal for students, beginners, and professionals alike, this kit features over 100 swatches, grouped by fiber content and labeled with useful information about the history, properties, and uses of each fabric.”

I’ll start. I vote YES!

Ooh, this sounds fun! I vote yes!

Sounds useful, I get overwhelmed every time I try and figure out what types of fabrics are good for what. I’m a yes

I’m rarely working on fiber arts projects, but I’d vote yes to have this.

I vote yes.

As fiber arts warden, this would be super beneficial for the space and I vote yes.

I vote yes. As someone who deals heavily with creating garments for purchase this would be invaluable to have. MOOD is a fantastic company as well, so they would provide a quality product.

I vote YES.

I also vote yes! I’ve been facing this exact problem of not knowing what to order online and not finding much I like at JoAnn.

I vote Yes!

I vote yes!

As someone trying to get more into sewing and specifically making clothing for myself, I am often at a loss trying to figure out what kind of fabric to use for what. I’m also a very tactile/sensory sensitive persons so would appreciate getting to get a feel (haha) for something in this way.

With a total of 26 yes, 0 abstain, and 0 nos, the vote passes.

Order placed. Total cost with shipping and tax is $169.22