VOTE: $1200 for Revopoint Range 3D scanner

Hello Hive13!

Up for vote is the purchase of a Revopoint Range Handheld 3D Scanner with a Turntable. The Revopoint Range is a consumer-grade 3D scanner that can scan large and small objects, including humans! The turntable is large and heavy-duty enough to scan people.

There is no shortage of online retailers that sell this item. A typical price (Amazon Prime) is $959 including shipping. I added a two-pack of blue 3D scanning spray. I am rounding this vote up to $1,200 to cover tax and price fluctuations.

Since this item is related to many different areas of Hive13 (CNC, 3D printing, photography, sewing, and even jewelry making) I am proposing that the 3D scanner belong to and live in the Photography area and consumables be handled under that area’s warden budget.

About this item

High Scan Accuracy, Designed For Scanning Large Objects: With a Single-frame Precision of up to 0.1mm and a Single capture range of 360mm x 650mm @600mm, RANGE is optimized to scan large-sized objects, like cars, furniture, or even people. Fast, accurate scans help you modify cars, design clothing, and realize creative ideas!

Scan Farther & Faster: The new high-power projector captures point cloud data at twice the distance (300mm ~ 800mm) of the POP 2. The projector’s high-resolution, bright, structured light patterns improve the signal-to-noise ratio. And with up to 18fps scanning speeds, you can get scans done smoothly and fast.

Sharp & Colorful 3D Models: Highly-engineered aspheric lenses reduce image aberration for sharper, clearer 3D scans. Do full-color, nearly lifelike color scans with RANGE’s RGB camera.

Intuitive Software: The free user-friendly App Revo Scan guides users to complete scans and post-processings. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily perform a scan. Optimized intelligent algorithms and the embedded processor mean RANGE works with office-level computers.

Excellent Compatibility: Revopoint scanners are compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Supports handheld and accessory-assisted scanning.

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With 23 yesses, 0 nos, and 1 abstain, this vote passes.