VOTE: $1000 for Painting Ventilation = Limited Spray Area

VOTE: $1000 for Painting Ventilation = Limited Spray Area. Place for stinky fumes.
I volunteer to lead the project, to build a 12’ x 17’ limited spray area with Multispeed Blower/Filter.
I’m asking for volunteers to help:



I vote YES. Happy to help.


I vote yes.

That said, What’s the advantage of the $550 in that budget for new walls vs. the same amount I had proposed for ducting to bring air in and out of the current room? Seems like more effort to move the room than hang a bit of duct, and it would shrink the welding shop in a way that collides with other plans we have for the space (grinding and polishing area, plasma CNC, sheet metal tools, etc)

I vote no. I think it should not be swept under the rug that a 12’ x 17’ space comes at the cost of $612/yr for the floor space as well as eliminating space that has other envisioned uses. All of this feels extremely exorbitant and reactionary in order to accommodate people using rattle cans indoors. Take the rattle can outdoors like normal human beings!

I vote yes and have volunteered to help, including helping lead to the extent that I am able.

I’m voting Yes too.


I vote yes.



I’m going to change my vote to no until we resolve the discussion about wether to keep the allocation of space between the paint room and welding shop as it currently is or to expand the paint room by shrinking the welding shop.

change to no for now

I vote yes

This Vote Proposal Is Under Revision - On Saturday, Kevin M. and I met to revise the plan as follows:

  • The limited spray area will remain in the existing room. Future expansion to the dungeon will allow more space and separation from welding. The duct work installed now can be moved.

  • Kevin has volunteered to lead the installation of inlet and outlet air duct work. Detail plans and revised Bill of Materials to follow this week.

  • Dave will lead installing inlet and outlet filters and doors.

  • A weeks delay of the vote will be needed to allow everyone to review and decide.
    We still need volunteers to help with the installation.

Updated Vote Cost Breakdown is here, with planned layout attached. The major technical considerations which were considered in settling on this plan are broken down and available for discussion on Slack, in the #discussion channel.


Kevin M.


revised plan gets a yes vote. Thank you for taking the time to discuss and work this out.


I also applaud the discussing of the concerns expressed.

I reiterate my yes vote.

Just to make things easy for Heath when counting votes, I’m changing back to a yes as well.

I vote yes on the revised plan. Thanks all for figuring this out.

YES to revised vote.

Yes - John O.


  • My votes on Hive13 expenditures are heavily biased in my faith in my fellow Hivians and their dutiful research into whatever the ask is. I am inspired and reassured there was a pause and reconsideration of the project which will only make the H13 a better place.

  • My cousin works for an HVAC company and they frequently get functioning air handlers. If you post the blower requirements I will see if they have one we could use.